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Modern Ways to Ensure All Round Development in Kids

by Aalia Hasan (writer), UAE, Dubai, July 20, 2017

Overall development is way beyond academics. Read through the modern approaches to help your child grow in an overall.

Parenting is one of the toughest roles to play. You need to make sure that your child learns the best and adapts to be a part of the society. You give him all the values and virtues, and hope he lives up to your teachings.

Parents must consider different factors that impact the development of a child. These come in the influence of school, friends, culture, and more. Below are some factors that will leave a relevant difference in a child’s all round development.

  • A good school

Chris Jansen, chief executive of Cognita Schools, reminds us that it is all about ensuring that parents are satisfied with the way their child is developing.

A school is a child’s second home. They spend almost 1/3rd of their day from getting ready to go to school, to schooling, to coming back home. This small enclosed part of their life is a world on its own.

Children acquire knowledge, discipline and learn to socialize with others. School helps develop both mentally and physically. A lot of this depends on teachers because their teaching leaves an imprint on student’s minds.

Upon all round development, choosing the right school is important. You must consider giving your child the best exposure to knowledge and activities. It also marks the stepping stones towards having etiquette and compassion.

Schools also improve competitiveness and unity. On one hand, your child knows what teamwork is and on the other, he knows what it is to be a winner. Good schooling is a basic requirement after what you teach at home.

  • Right set of friends

Having the right friends leave a mark in one’s personality development. No matter how much influence parents have on their kids, friends will always have a high position. This is simply because people of the same age have like-mindedness.

It is important to make sure that your child has good company. Friends expose you to activities like sharing, teamwork, empathy, and are the best listeners. Same aged people always have more chances to understand each other, so having friends is a necessity.

Bad influences can drag children onto negative impacts, especially during adolescence. Parents must note behavioral changes and keep a tab on their activities. Parents should also understand the times when they should start becoming friendlier than only being firm and overpowering.

  • Environment

The development of a child depends on the environment he is in. From home, school, to tuitions and other activities, every environment leaves an impact on kids.

If parents are constantly arguing in front of their children, they can turn out to be boisterous as well. Again, if they don’t get attentions from teachers in school, they might lose interest in studying.

Parents, who are always learning in order to teach children more, have better chances to inspire. You must provide a healthy environment for children to grow, as that adds onto their overall development and personality.

  • Developing hobbies

Children who are allowed to take up their interests have more chances to have overall development. However, children who don’t, tend to be bad at studies.

As parents, you must let children take up hobbies that interest them. If your child likes to paint, put him in an art school, if he likes to be in the water, put him into swimming.

Children don’t get the opportunity to choose his subjects at an early age, but he must get a chance to choose his hobbies. If you encourage hobbies, they will be keener to take up challenges. Thus, a student who doesn’t like to study will push himself to do the odds.

  • Physical activities

Parents who don’t encourage physical activity in children have chances to see them deteriorate in all other aspects. It is essential for an entire family to give importance to fitness for overall development.

Exercising regularly lets you have a fitter body and sharper brain. It is essential to add physical fitness to an entire family, especially in order to promote a child’s development.

Being involved in sports refreshes both body and mind, and keeps them healthier. Take out time regularly to play with children, so that you bond better and stay physically active.

  • Teaching morals

Overall development is not just about how fit or capable you become. It is also about how you are as an individual. Good values start from home and it is essential to promote it.

Teachers in school have their bit to do, but you don’t have moral sciences classes for higher standards. Parents must always rectify their child’s wrong behaviors so that they develop the goodness of humanity.

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