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Medical Tourism Facilitator: Your Advocate in Destination

It is more than that- as they go beyond your plane tickets and accommodation in the foreign destination. Additionally, they make all the necessary arrangements to offer the best possible medical touri


As per the general perception a medical tourism facilitator is more than just another travel agent arranging a medical holiday. Instead it is more than that- as they go beyond your plane tickets and accommodation in the foreign destination. Additionally, they make all the necessary arrangements to offer the best possible medical tourism package for a client.

Role of a Medical Tourism Facilitator

Another common misconception is that the medical tourism facilitators work on a commission basis so they favour only certain hospitals and insurance agencies. However, this is not true in most cases. A medical tourism facilitator does more than just getting patients and assisting them which includes performing the following roles:

  • Healthcare Identification

A medical tourism facilitator identifies the precise medical needs of the client which gets access to images and medical records for clearing the information, estimating right price of treatment as per budget and monitor quality of healthcare right from beginning to end of treatment.

  • Concierge Service

It include providing free translation services at destination, personalized services according to the needs of the client and tourism related management activities such as accommodation, airplane tickets and transport.

Tips to choose the best Medical Tourism Facilitator

Check out few tips to help you choose the best medical tourism facilitator for your needs:

  • No Hidden Costs

The price offered to you by medical tourism facilitator should be final. There shouldn’t be any unknown fees or costs you have to pay over the money you have paid already.

  • Proper Licensing

Ensure that the medical tourism facilitator you choose have proper license to arrange and handle your medical trip to a foreign destination. Also they should have proper permissions to work in the chosen destination.

  • Client Recommendations

The medical tourism facilitator you choose must be ready to provide information about their previous clients and recommendations. In case you don’t get information you demand then bail out.

  • Proper Research

It should be done on your part as it is always considered wise to check out the medical tourism facilitator and their associations including the medical agencies and hotels. This will help you choose the medical tourism facilitator offering you the best value for money for your medical travel abroad.

Benefits of Choosing A Reputable Medical Tourism Facilitator

  • Seamlessly manage every aspect of the patient’s entire medial retreat experience from the first moment of contact through complete recuperation.
  • Coordinate the process and take care of the details such as flight and hotel reservations, schedule doctors consultations and surgery appointments, arrange ground transportation, securely transfer your medical reports, doctor’s diagnosis, etc.
  • Makes over 120 points of contact with each patient ensuring the proper education and preparation.
  • Has travelled to the destinations they offer to conduct sight inspections of the hospitals, hotels and the destination program managers on your behalf.
  • Has a strong relationship with their hospital affiliates enabling them to communicate directly with the executive staff and to escalate any issues needing immediate attention.
  • Quick guide to the patient’s case through assessment, scheduling, quotation and planning process.
  • Represent you and negotiate on your behald ensuring the most current, accurate information as well as best pricing for your medical treatments.
  • Act as a liaison between the patient and their family and friends at their native country, by seamlessly communicating their condition throughout their enture stay abroad.
  • Uses a strong and proven operation process to coordinate all aspects of the medical travel program.
  • Has a large base of past clients who serve as references for the hospitals, doctors, hotels, destinations, etc.
  • Provide the patient with recourse throughout the entire process.
  • A medical tourism facilitator has the right contacts and a tried and true process in place with their network of hospitals. Medical tourists can choose the facilitators that assure them that they will deal with people who speak their language and have a better understanding of the obstacles.

A medical tourism facilitator is not just part of the travel agent but help the patients to engage in medical tourism by providing all details of your medical travel from the details of your travel, treatment to holiday.

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