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Syphilis Chancre: Cause, Prevention, and Treatment

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , July 14, 2017

his bacterium can stay live in the patient's body for years, and it can cause HIV at a later stage.

Nowadays, syphilis chancre is a pretty common medical term heard. You might be curious what it refers too. The Primary Stage of Syphilis is known as a chancre, and if the patient ignores the primary stage, it might shift from primary stage to the secondary stage. On further ignorance, it might transform into the latent stage which will lead to a lot of complications in life.

Syphilis is the sexually transmitted infection which is caused because of the Treponema Pallidum bacteria. This disease can be treated at the early stage, however, to wipe out the bacteria completely from the body it might take years.

Syphilis is a deadly infection which gets transmitted from one person to another when the skin comes in contact with the syphilitic sore which is present on skin areas like mouth, anus, and vagina. This bacterium can stay live in the patient's body for years, and it can cause HIV at a later stage.

Causes of Syphilis

As mentioned earlier, Syphilis is developed with the sexual activities, but this disease can be transferred from mother to newborn child. This stage is known as Congenital Syphilis. If this infection is transferred, the new born child can be of low weight or stillbirth can also be caused.

Categories of Syphilis

Syphilis is divided into many categories:

  • In the primary stage, the syphilis is known as chancre syphilis which is a development of round and painless sores on the skin. The incubation duration of 3 weeks starts and later on the exposure of bacteria are started. To stop this, one has to take the medical help on a priority basis.
  • In the second stage, the sores can be felt as non-itchy rash, and it keeps on spreading across the body. These rashes can be seen as red or brown in color with roughness. Other symptoms can be muscle aches, headaches, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue.
  • In the Latent stage, this stage is known as latent syphilis stage where there are no rare symptoms observed. This infection keeps on progressing inside the body, and it turns into the deadly tertiary syphilis.

Treatment for Syphilis disease

The primary and secondary stage of Syphilis can be cured with the help of penicillin injections. This is the most common antibiotic solution present for Syphilis Chancre treatment. But, if this disease is in latent stage then the bacterium can't be reversed at this juncture. The patients are advised not to have any sexual activity during the treatment of Syphilis.

How to prevent Syphilis?

Always have safe sex to avoid Syphilis Chancre infection. It is recommended not have sex with multiple partners and don’t share your sex toys. Always wear condoms while having sex and use dental dam while having oral sex.

When to go for Syphilis test?

It is advised to go for Syphilis test when a man is having sex with other men, or if the person is having sex with other partners. Also, if the patient is having unprotected sex, it is recommended to go for the test. For sex workers and pregnant women, it is mandatory to go for Syphilis test on a regular basis.

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