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5 easy steps to clean an attic

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , July 10, 2017

Following are five easy steps that need to be followed when you are going to clean up your attic:

If you do not invest time and strategy in cleaning your attic then you will probably find yourself carrying a bundle of dust on your head and the contrary, if you make time to clean up your attic at least once or twice a year, you will not only get a clear and dust free environment but would also end up having an extra space for keeping your stuff. Thus, it is highly recommended to take care of your attic and keep it clean.

Following are five easy steps that need to be followed when you are going to clean up your attic:

Take appropriate preventive measures to keep yourself clean:

Before you start to enter the attic, cover yourself with a rough clothing, wear gloves over your hands, and goggles over your eyes to prevent the dust entering your eyes. These pre-cleaning preparations can keep you safe from getting dusty and clumsy while cleaning up because the mold can cause skin and eye infections too. So, it is a must to take these preventive measures before you start.

Move things in an organized way:

If you are already using your attic for storage, then make sure to move the things in an organized way. Always start from one side and move towards the other one. Move out the luggage one by one and after cleaning it, move the luggage in an organized way to avoid getting stuck in a pile of dirty stuff.

Keep all the cleaning instruments nearby:

There would be a set of equipment you will need for the cleaning of your attic. You must maintain the vacuum cleaners, brushes, mops and other cleaning equipment near you to help you assist during the cleaning process. Keeping the required equipment saves your time and energy while cleaning up the attic.

Get the attic rid of mold and dust:

After keeping all the equipment nearby, start the cleaning process. Take a duster or brush and start wiping the dust from the floor and walls of the attic. This will remove the excess dirt away. Pile up the dust and mold and collect them in baggage. Then take the vacuum cleaner and make sure you clean every corner of the attic to remove dust.

Afterward, take a wet piece of cloth and wipe it over all the surface of the attic, this will clean up the dust particles and would make the attic get rid of rising dust. If your attic is carrying dirt stains inside, then it is recommended to take some soapy solution in a bowl with a wet towel dipped in it. Rub the cloth soaked in soapy solution over all the surfaces to remove stains. If you want to get rid of the bad odor, then it is recommended to mix some drops of room scent in the solution and rub the wet towel over all the attic surfaces. This would leave a soft scent smell inside the attic when it dries up.

Cover the infected areas with paint:

Look for the contaminated areas in the attic which are highly infected from the dampness and cover them mold inhibiting paint. This would keep your attic infection resistant for a long time.

The attic cleaning steps described above would be greatly helpful in cleaning up the attic and would save people from facing trouble while cleaning their attic and this would keep them from bearing additional expenses for repairing attic.If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Northville Michigan for a professional advice.

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