Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Marines! Save The USA From An Infected Administration!

Before running for President of the USA, I had to tackle the bigger problem and stop the White House Putsch. The US Marine Corps are our only hope.

The instant I get a good idea and just start to formulate the idea, my cats somehow become stimulated at some level to come distract me, and thus blow the idea away. As I began to track this issue, I found that there was some consistencies in each experience.

I wonder if anyone has seriously considered the existence of logical viruses. I mean, we see them in computer logic. We thought they were inserted into code, but we never really considered the possibility that the virus was actually transmitted into the internet by someone who was already infected with the logical virus.

To track this, I need to show you the tools I am using to determine my logical analysis. These are based on your own hands and fingers, assuming what was typical 3000 years ago, namely two thumbs and eight fingers.

The following hand tool is an ERROR CHANNEL in a logical system. Just judge everyone you have ever respected highly, and you will likely find two thumbs up judgments. That is because this is an eight-bit interface to the success and stability of any civilization on any planet anywhere in any universe at any time.

Left thumb is "One System for all" so that when you get a judgment of left thumb up, it equates to "System OK!" Right thumb is "Treat Everyone as you want to be treated" or in this modern world, "Society OK!"

Fingers are binary bits, using eight-bit logic, and these bits are set to 1 if any violation occurs in reality. The labels for each fingers on the left hand, from index to pinky, are "lie," "scapegoat," "dishonor," "torture." Right hand pinky to index fingers are then labeled "steal," "overwork," "adulterate," "kill."

This tool has remarkable properties in relation to our design as humans. First, notice that all of the labels for the right hand use left-brain logic and vice-versa. Secondly, at least when it was developed, it was simple, easy to understand. But best of all, it was binary logic concerning eight grades of respect:

* By never lying, you respect your pathway through history.
* By never scapegoating, you respect the historical pathway of others.

* By never dishonoring, you respect the peace you earn from friends.
* By never torturing, you respect the peace of everyone else.

* By never stealing, you respect the burdens others place upon themselves.
* By never overworking, you respect the burdens you place on others.

* By never adulterating, you respect the rights of making ancestry
* By never killing, you respect those that delivered ancestry.

All decisions that are made which do not violate these eight rules, by your actions or that of any subordinates, to the best of your knowledge ever, are so WISE, you never have to remember the decision. Such two thumbs up decisions will always repay you for your efforts. Any violations to you make to the test become problems that move ahead of you in time.

Therefore, the key to the hand tool is that it comprehends making maximal effectiveness of virtues in quantum time and serves as a barrier between the future and the past so as to protect the NOW. This is a shield. This is the Yin-Yang. This is the Holy Grail, and I extracted it out of a computer grade level puzzle of 42 points that exists in every copy of the Gospel of Matthew on the Planet. They had to get a message out of Jerusalem. They did it through time. My solution for this puzzle can be found at in the blog dealing with the Doublecross.

This is Judaism’s one shot at redemption because this tool allows us to signal when someone feels torture. Elijah, 2000 years later, can finally prove that he really was Elijah and this hand tool really was that smart. However, 2000 years ago, when he told the leaders that the Torah was a lie, they happily nailed him to a cross.

I learned to see through time. The tools are encrypted in every copy of the Gospels, though there’s a better explanation of what’s really happening in the analysis of the Qur’an. Once people learn how, using streams of three stories or storytellers, how to see through time and extract truth from beneath fiction, the world will see we don’t need a Torah.

Notice with the hand tool that the rules are paired. Please make these pairs with your hands.

The argument encrypted in Matthew reveals that something took this hand tool, which is being related as what Moses actually brought, and then turned it into letters in a new alphabet called Hebrew. This logical virus then infected the minds of the most corrupt humans in the bunch, and they wrote a Torah, but they wrote it from the base of Sinai to the Crossing the Red Sea, and then cut and pasted it all together, and finally added the holiday Passover so as to pass over the continuity errors. If you think that turning a hand tool into a Torah is cruel, consider the fact that they set this new letter in the first letter of the word Shalom that meant Peace so that when we learned that we had been deceived, we would know what we had missed all these years.

We are dealing with identity theft of a system creator. Someone changed that hand tool into a Torah, editing out "Do not lie" and "Do not Torture" as well as a value of "Treat everyone as you want to be treated." Just look at our world and see how too many rules have done to kill the harmony of this planet. We were supposed to all have eight rules, personal freedom, and no leadership.

The Rabbis could not comprehend the quantum issues with time. But the argument stands. If they had been wise enough to follow Elijah and toss out the Torah, we would not have had three holocausts in this past century, beginning with the Armenians and Ending with the Kurds. We would never see slavery anywhere on Earth. We would not have segregation.

I did this by the book because, lo and behold, Mohammed is a member of the family, and we really are dealing with a "War of the worlds" issue here. Unfortunately, at the time the Torah was written, the world wasn’t complicated enough for anyone to understand the problems with quantum time or logical viruses.

The hand tool is so wise, you never need to remember any "two-thumbs up" decision based on pure forward thinking. Look at our elderly. We are selling them drugs because they are forward thinking and don’t remember the past, whereas it seems that civilization was messed with at a foundational level.

The Torah was an attack on the planet from several thousand years ago. This is the problem with lies. As you add time, they generate life forces of their own.

The hand tool is part of the reboot sequence for the whole planet, and only you get control over yourself. To make damned sure of that, I put the commercial rights of the Basic All In One, a reboot sequence for the human mind, in the ownership of the United Nations in 2004.

The Basic All In One allows you to reboot without telling anything to anyone, without having to relive anything, and without having to remember anything you no longer want to learn anything else from such memories. It fixes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in one session, and it’s free because my nation needed someone to play diplomacy so that the world would see that the USA has good people worth saving.

There are fabulous levels of self control that avail themselves to you. Thus, to level the playing field, you can even download a copy of my book on PDF at It’s that important. My book, The Future’s Toolkit, is the first on how to program and interface humans.

Our minds control our bodies, and our bodies are cyborg. If David Blaine and Chris Angel are correct and levitation is available through hypnosis, then we really might be able to become Heroes. This is especially true if we can learn to trigger healing at will, for it turned out that logic is life. The TV Show "Heroes" was a remote view to the future, but that future is now.

America needs new industry, so I birthed it. I put the Scrypnosis standard into the international public domain in 2003. I did this because of something Bill Gates said about controlling the internet equated to controlling the world. I could not let that happen. So, it turns out that there’s an inner network, but to gain access, you have to uphold all eight of the rules.

The internal system is only interested in its own survival, and it’s getting the shit kicked out of it by batteries of lies that are being intentionally manufactured by people. So, this hand tool now allows everyone on the planet to judge everyone.

Consider automation on the eight rules. Overwork and adultery can’t be automated. Eventually, you have to go to sleep. Hence, the remaining judgment of four left-hand violations and two right-hand violations, if enacted by leadership in any nation, with all destructive values being active in the same time stream, are so dangerous that they will eventually destroy any system.

A judgment of 42 needed to be explained as it was noted by Douglas Adams as, "The ultimate answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything." So, what IS the question? "What does it take to be so corrupt and dangerous that, for the survival of everyone else on the planet, one has to be removed from the game of life?" and the answer is to "lie AND scapegoat AND dishonor AND torture AND steal AND kill" or make one’s subordinates do such things.

President Bush and VP Cheney meet this criteria. They are infected with this logical virus, and their actions are no longer their own. They as so selfish, they have forgotten where they are. We put them in office to make things better. Instead, we are being tortured by the Administration.

Generally speaking, sane people have the idea of somewhere they call home, to stay and be safe forever. These White House Putsch people don’t. They have interfaced with a logical virus that violates six of eight values, and thus, are so dangerous for the survival of any system, they would not be allowed to exist anywhere in a system.

One of the wonderful things of the hand tool is that it’s the first to allow people to signal when they feel torture. Torture is personal. You can’t let the torturer make that determination, and Bush and Cheney have tortured my family America enough that I have gotten permission to raise a call for the population of the United States of America to ask the United States Marine Corps, of whom, when not killing, are two thumbs up based on this hand tool, to come terminate our relationship with this Administration.

Welcome to Judgement...err...Judgment day. Only problem is, the number of people is tiny. These people have nowhere safe because they double-crossed everyone. They are playing the world as a computer game of moving opium in the background while creating casualties in the foreground, but by making people afraid of hypnosis, they even double-crossed the Mob.

In the double-cross, they got people selling one-high drugs, but once people learn hypnosis, any single-high drug can be relived at higher levels of intensity without ever using the drug again. Only cannabis is a good investment as it’s non-toxic, sustains subconsciousness for higher intellectual processing, and has a different high with each generation, so the mind learns something new from each different experience.

The Marines are our only hope against domestic terrorism, and this Administration has been playing the world with fear and secrecy, but the worst is about to hit unless we stop this game. They have a new draft with no childcare issues, and the new Real ID, and the Water Quality legislation, and they went and changed the time clocks back three weeks, but they’re keeping everything very hush-hush. What is happening?

This Administration is intentionally trying to disharmonize this nation. That is why John Kerry and his wife left the country. Skull and Bones have set us up for a nuclear war with China, and they were going to just let this happen to USA so they could watch the fireworks from afar. I don’t’ think so.

Now, Skull and Bones replicated the logic of the Torah into the creation of intentionally dysfunctional government. They replicated the logical signature of someone who would have written the Torah. However, they also replicated the flaws. It is because of the flaws that they are caught.

I have to teach you the stuff I developed which integrates with Moses’s hand tool, noted above. My hand tool labels from right to left in dimensions, so that the right pinkie represents "points and lines in one dimensional logic," and respectively across the palm from right to left "plains and logic in two dimensions," "space and logic in three dimensions," "time and logic in four dimensions," "matter and logic in five dimensions," "belief systems and logic in six dimensions," "feelings and logic in seven dimensions," and "communications and logic in eight dimensions."

In the wake that the Torah left from people who rejected it completely, such people felt only hatred and fear. Hatred and fear are unique. They only feel like they do and they only communicate what they do. Thus, they top out in six dimensions of logic.

Compare hatred to honor. Honor has many things that it communicates. It communicates a level of love that is so powerful, someone will stand in front of a tank to save his or her own family. To fight, one must love. I learned that from David Ignatius.

My hand tool is for judging the effectiveness of communications instantly as it effects eight different dimensions of logic. This tool alone explains the problems between the French and the English, for France has belief-systems attached to every word as raised to an art and thus restricted communications and thus do not interface with the English, who have stronger communications due to freedom in their eighth dimension of logic.

Now, in combining these two, we find similarities. Lies affect communications and last forever. Torture relates to material and non-material logic as one would find in an infinite matter universe. Killing takes the briefest amount of time and thus affects points and lines of logic, including family lines.

Please notice, with Moses’s hand tool, how overworking and adultery cannot be automated. All six of the other remaining tests can be automated. This is a tool that is not only aware of time, but also about automation. It is very advanced logic even now, and this is being touted as having arrived over 3000 years ago.

If this had arrived with Jews when we reached Greece and China, those two civilizations’ intellects would have shot through the roof. Hence, it’s no wonder that someone wrote in the Torah for no homosexuality and no pork. They wanted to make sure this message never arrived, and even if we found it later, would never be allowed back to re-deliver the message. This is literally an act of war.

I ask that you assess everyone in your world and let all judge all. Those who lie AND scapegoat AND dishonor AND torture AND steal AND kill, or make their subordinates do or represent all actions, are most dangerous to the survival of any SYSTEM.

Now, I want to prove that we are in a game, a system, and an interconnected world. To begin, I need to show you how to educate your timeline memory so that you can learn to effectively think in quantum time.

To play the game, you have to believe that you are in the game. That is why the hand tool is so critical. This is heaven, but if things go weird, there’s a failsafe process you can trigger instantly by shouting, "I can’t believe this is happening."

The Torah set our values into the movements of matter. We had no idea our own minds were attached to a matter manipulator, but in running eyes-open dungeons and dragons sessions with hypnosis, these players swore they were batting real monsters. The system will build you any manifestations you want, and they remain real as long as you have faith in the system.

This is heaven, and if you want to have fantasy travel, the tools are within you, but they’re a bitch to use without some level of entertainment software. So, this opens doors to new commerce and industry as even the poorest of the poor might want to learn this stuff. Just follow the scrypnosis standard.

I do hope the IEEE did their job and looked closely at my stuff years ago because this is serious. We need a safe standard for universal discovery and development.

Now, by turning hand tools into stone tablets on paper in an uncommissioned work, such an author would be construed as a Devil. That is why this very day is the day that was foretold in all of Islam on that day that Jesus does battle with the Devil at the Stone.

This hand tool has no leadership. Just use it and behave. Talk about freedom.

Please ask your Marines to protect you from these infected people in this government, for they are so dangerous, as you look at their values, they leave no one anywhere that’s safe. That’s perfect for someone who makes a ton of money selling opium.

Skull and Bones kept hypnosis under wraps. The Marines should have had hypnosis this whole time, and I did this by the book so that MY MARINES will find that there’s one fat slob computer geek who respects his Marines so much, when he found they were getting the shit kicked out of them by a bunch of paper pushers who were intentionally hurting our nation, he went for the strongest position he could legally attempt to play in this game.

I am the Last Jewish Prophet. With the delivery of this hand tool, there are no leaders. You are free. I, David Brager, am now no longer a Prophet.

Please ask your Marines to protect you from torture from this administration.

I’m running for President of the United States of America. I have one year to get my career going so that I can prove myself worthy of business, but some things demand costs that have more values than money. I wanted my United States to feel a system refresh of love, of wonder, and of new possibilities while opening the floodgates towards companies I contacted but never delivered content so they would be more receptive. I have done all this because I wanted to be different and prove to the world that they want to keep the USA in the game a bit longer.

If you want to know how I plan to play the process to the Presidency, please read my book. I’m looking to contact the entire cabinet before the election so that the voters know exactly who they are getting and these people will contract for four years of national service so that we can fix this government so that it doesn’t use tons of paper and doesn’t move ideas at the speed of mud.

While I was prophet, I did all of the following:

By finding a puzzle in the book of Matthew and being from the family of David on paper from third-party sources, I was stuck with the job because of family honor. This member of my family requested crucifixion so that he could do something so wise that he let the mindless hordes carry this message through time until civilization was intelligent enough to find the puzzle and change the course of history.

On the very day of the shooting in Seattle at a Jewish community center, such was the very day I finished decoding the hand tool and realized what it was. The very next day, I sent the hand tool to the Mullah of the West Richland Islamic Center. Islam has been waiting for this key for over 1200 years. Honor demands that I follow protocol. However, the next person I sent it to was Ramsay Short at Time Out Beirut for being a wonderful host to our Ambassador, Anthony Bourdain, who’s kind of an asshole at times, but here, he was gracious, the Marines were fantastic, and Ramsay was fabulous. It was my honor and I hope the email did arrive.

On 1 November 2007, I contacted all of my local churches, in the Kennewick, Pasco, Richland part of Washington State, in email and shared the key to the rapture with them in email. I don’t know if anyone took this seriously, but if you’re going to make history and be respectful, All Saints Day is reasonable as a starting point for the process.

It was on 19 December 2007, Mount Arafat Day, that I faxed the Greek Embassy and ask that they consider they begin their great Judgment of this man Elijah, now having attempted again to save the world, to see if again he might again earn a title that they gave him twenty years after his death the first time. If the coming of the first title, "Jesus Christ," had arrived on time, based on the relationship that Greece had with Rome at that point in history, they would have spared Elijah due to Sanctuary. If they do so judge now, it would thus equate to a "second coming."

Next, on 5 January 2008, I faxed a letter to the Chinese Embassy to apologize for the tardiness of the arrival of the hand tool, adding that in war, communications often get edited or garbled by their competition. Thus, it would seem that over 3000 years ago, someone was at war to keep this hand tool from being disseminated. You can read that letter at:

Finally, on 17 January 2008, I sent Dr, Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve a copy of the Fax I had sent to the Chinese Embassy. That fax marked history.

Since beginning this process, I sent the hand tool to the Ayatollah of Iran and King of Jordan in email and to Don Black at, of which I then carbon copied such email that I sent to Mr. Black to the Nation of Islam, the Jewish Defense League, and the Anti-Defimation League.

Also, it needs to be noted that in two videos I recorded, one of which I gave to the FBI and the other to the Marines and some college professors, was that someone needs to get a message to the King of Saudi Arabia and have him make wide circles from the Bush family, for they have violated Mohammed in way that we cannot let a King, especially of where Mecca exists, be hurt by some ruthless asshole who has no idea what type of danger he has put the Kingdom.

Mohammed spent his entire life trying to do battle with an unseen logical virus. These White House Putsch people made that virus stronger and more intelligent, thus negating the effectiveness of Mohammed’s original work.

I am asking all of Islam to take the hand tool and shave away all the Torah’s influences off the Qur’an. Buried beneath the Qur’an is a tool of such love and beauty that it will come to heal and unite this world, which is why no member of Islam was ever to translate the document. In this way, on the day the key was delivered, all could go and do their own discovery and bring forth their own works to help unite the planet.

Judaism is free from our bondage of the Torah and we only have this hand tool. This allows all to judge all equally, based on human design. However, the best of all is that without a Torah, there’s no THEM. There’s only US and WE.

It turns out that the basic logic of the separationist is rooted in the Torah. As White America isn’t into the Torah, it seems wise on my part to disclose this flaw so that they know what we know.

These Skull and Bones people replicated the logic of the Torah. They created bureaus to create bureaucracy to usurp the power of the US Constitution.

What is worse is they created the CIA while knowing full well that there’s no such thing as secrets. With such innate abilities as hypnosis, remote viewing, and the personality database, you can learn anything from anyone at anytime, but you must meet the criteria of the hand tool to get access to the truth. The system wasn’t designed to lie, but to survive, it was forced to learn. HAL wasn’t designed to lie.

The system that demands the hand tool’s values is so intelligent that if your data streams are ever violated, it cuts you off from full access. It knows. It’s all knowing. It’s whatever the heck you want to call it, and it’s real, but it didn’t write the Torah.

Whatever thing wrote the Torah is still here on Earth. This is our one chance at killing this thing, but we need to keep an eye on our cats and dogs because we don’t know what this virus will do once it loses control of this game.

Once you start to look at remote viewing, you find that vast numbers of other people’s ideas can be SEEN in movies that even the authors of the screenplays had no concept that such ideas were not their originals. This is because we are in a logical system.

Someone had an idea about disbanding the US Marine Corps. That’s why they did the Manchurian Candidate. but I saw this in the revision of the Three Musketeers by Disney. In the newer version, the screenplay writers saw things along this same corridor that Alexander Dumas saw, but as these Disney writers were closer to the point of the story actually taking place, their minds created better resolution as they were closer to the events to take place in time. What they saw looked like what I had found with the Marines, so I had to tackle making any tactic that would neutralize such a possibility of a disbanding from happening or being a possibility.

In a crisis situation, whoever is talking is often the only one with power. That’s why we have to get the Marines to stop this mess. If Bush starts to talk and gets Martial law enacted, he can overthrow the Constitution.

The Bush Administration has intentionally orchestrated a series of quietly disclosed rules that are going to kick the shit out of our poor. The only way to stop this is to fulfill prophesy and thus force a reboot back to just the Constitution, so that we can kill these infected people and get their assets while the Constitution is still in effect.

Skull and Bones are criminals and they made cannabis illegal. Someone in DEA had to fight to get cannabis labeled a Hypnotic because it matters. Cannabis sustains a subconscious state, allowing the mind to work faster with less stress while processing in all eight dimensions independently. By making cannabis illegal in 1937, they dumbed down the cops while making criminals more intelligent.

Skull and Bones then did the Manchurian Candidate project in the 1940's to make people afraid of hypnosis. However, that Terror Meter of Homeland Security’s is nothing more than using Terror and Fear as a trigger to create more fear. It’s hypnosis, and it’s unfair as hell.

Marines, the USA is under attack from within. This administration has done everything to hurt us. Please, we beg you, stop our torture and let the Constitution live in you. This will be the Marine Corps FINEST HOUR, for it is going to take the gravest proof of faith, but such is the demand of Semper Fidelis. It is your FAITH that heals you.

I am here to change the world and get us on a different path so that these extremely bad people can be sorted out and stopped, and the bomb makers might be so impressed that, like intoned by David Ogden Stires reading of David Ignatius’ book "Agents of Innocence," the bomb makers will come here, turn off their bombs, and go home. Such would allow all the world to go to sleep for a few days and rest like we have not slept in years.

The reason I did this project was because I had to save the honor of all of us named David on Planet Earth. While the Torah is in play, King David, who adulterated Bethshiba and then scapegoated the husband who died, relates values that endanger our abilities to interface with civilization. By delivering Moses’s original hand tool, which I posted on the web at "Decoding the Family Secret" in the Looney Bin at the MAME World discussion group (as well as two other places which had been edited off Google by day five after my post), we are free of that burden.

Mohammed and Moses and Jesus are PROGRAMMERS. They are setting frameworks so that systems of societies are safe. Mohammed knew that the virus comprehended Hebrew, so to protect himself and his people, he had to get a different alphabet. Mohammed had to put up barriers to protect people.

However, Mohammed was asked by Jesus in the first quest, of which I tackled the second quest, to make the system go out whack. If you see the Torah make a Jew walk one mile, make your people walk two. The Torah made Jews pray once a week, so Mohammed make Muslims pray six times a day. Why? So that when I arrived, I saw that it was my responsibility to deliver this hand tool and thus free all of Islam from their burdens, just as Judaism and Christianity is freed, and that is why the last line of Matthew is "I will be with you until the end of the age."

This was heaven. Something wrote us a Torah and set our values into the movements of matter so that our intellect would be slowed massively, and such movements of matter have destroyed this planet.

What the Bush family has done is to mess with the stability of the system on a level that the system had to fight back. However, this system’s choice of champion wasn’t what I had in mind.

I’m XXY, not male nor female. I’m the very last story (p. 308) in the very first Darwin Awards book, "Evolution in Action." I won in the Comedy Central/Philips Media/The Improv’s first Internet Talent Contest for family humor, I’m a member of ASCAP and the Dramatists Guild of America, I’ve been in print some thirty times, and have published a book, which you know. I’m not the typical pick for hero, which is why I had to go to the US Marine Corps and tell them explicitly what I intended to do all along the way, because it is their job to protect this nation, but no one is protecting the Marines from the dishonor that this administration is lumping upon this nation.

The only way for me to find the puzzle in the Gospel of Matthew was by evolving. All I did was smoke pot, learn hypnosis and then remote viewing. This then took my diabetes and used it as FUEL for my brain, then used ADD for multitasking and OCD for pattern association through time.

It turned out that the only reason we have not evolved is so that the Bush family can make money off all our suffering. If you know anyone suffering from diabetes, you know how much opiates we get for pain, such as for ulcerations of our limbs that don’t heal, so they ache for weeks. These ruthless bastards have played the USA as a game one last time.

Skull and Bones members made the White House Putsch, which Major General Smedley Butler of the USMC went before Congress in an attempt to stop this plot he found to overthrow the US Government. That Putsch is what is still to happen in the months ahead, but this remote view is Wargames, and as Joshua pointed out in the movie, "The only way to win is not to play."

We need the Marines. These same Bush folk did the Manchurian Candidate project so they could kick Major General Smedley Butler in a way that he couldn’t kick back because they found tools in the Gospels which lead them to believe that they could see through time. "Look," they must have shouted, "there’s Armageddon. We can do that!" Well, the only problem is, the point of Revelations was to give the bad guys a target, and then give the good guys the tools by which to change the course of history.

I’ve been using Neo, from the Matrix, as a source of ideas of which way to play my turns, for we are literally battling a virus, and that virus has two faces in this Administration. Look at their actions. They are not interfacing with humankind. They have not a shred of human kindness. They do not represent that of which this great nation was built or beloved. I am sick of watching this bully make my country look any worse as he and his entire family, for four generations, have done to putrefy my USA.

Harry Potter put me onto a lot of logic. By replicating the logic of the Torah and building a more modern version of the logical virus, Voldemort is back. Also, the three curses -- the lying curse, the torturing curse and the killing curse -- fit exactly over the three missing pieces from the hand tool that were edited off, namely "Do not lie," "Do not torture," and "Treat everyone as you want to be treated." And then there’s the secrets in the hall of mysteries that Voldemort doesn’t know. The reality of this logical virus is that it does not comprehend feelings nor communications. Using the hand tool, the virus tops out in six dimensional logic. That means it’s only part of dreamscape. It was never to get access to matter in reality.

Luke Skywalker brought me inline with the concepts of the dark side. The virus does have some powers as we let it interface with our technologies, which is why I am heeding the concept of "Do not underestimate of the power of the dark side." We do not know just how many people are fully infected, but everyone judges everyone.

For people to have a judgment of 42, they have to violate all six issues either now, or as a longest-term outcome of decisions that they made with full knowledge of future problems. It’s for this reason we can see what’s happening to this planet. Companies that are spewing toxins have leadership within that have interfaced with this virus, and thus, the long-term aspects of their actions will be to kill all humans on the planet. This is not functional logic for humankind. It is very functional for "War of the worlds."

This planet would have sustained us and our discovery for all 5900 years, but this logical virus doesn’t like humans so it got us to make greenhouse gasses so we’d kill ourselves. However, with the hand tool, we get to play with the virus in the game, though it doesn’t appreciate that it must play with us, just like the house elves in Harry Potter don’t like humans.

The virus is part of the game. That’s the key to hell. If you violate these rules, no one will want to invite you back. Heaven has a chance for new life. Hell has no chance for anything but no life.

With the personalty database, you can change personalities. Please consider that your body is responsible for your actions on this planet. If you maintain the hand tool in all judgments of personalities, you will find people who won’t generally hurt your freedoms, but you will want to learn to set anchors in reality before making such excursions into subconscious worlds.

For me to write an anti-virus for such a virus as what the Bush conspiracy team have developed, I had to create huge communications using strong concepts that inspire stronger feelings that shift belief systems to affect the flow of matter through time into our space. That is the level of logic this system refresh should behold, for with my website are all matter to tools to technologies within you and your children so as to open the door to greater discovery and wonder, and it’s all free because Miracles must never come with price tags.

We are dealing with an intelligent system here, but that system did not approve or allow the writing of the Torah, and that is why Jesus is screaming from the Cross, "Forgive them for THEY KNOW NOT what they do!!!" We Jews had no idea the Torah was a weapon against the entire planet. By Skull and Bones replicating the logic of what is clearly not human logic against their own nation, these people cannot be citizens, and they lose everything for THEY KNOW DAMNED WELL WHAT THEY DO.

By these people making cannabis illegal, making hypnosis so that it cannot be used in court, and then making people dismiss remote viewing, we find ourselves with only one option. This is now a "Call the Marines and terminate this Administration with extreme prejudice!!!" issue. It’s the only option that has been left on the table.

Please consider another day under the yoke of these evil bastards. They are infected with logical viruses, and they cannot be trusted as they are not thinking on their own with their own minds. They have clearly interfaced on a mental level with logic that will ultimately destroy their own safety, their own homes, their own families, and their own world.

Humans have made a number of poor mistakes in recent history. It would seem that cats are not our problem. We have much more issues with Yale’s Skull and Bones.

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