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Housekeeping Help On Demand

by Editor (editor), , July 06, 2017

When you do decide to hire a housekeeper, you are opened to a whole slew of questions!

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Tired from work and family commitments? Feeling like household chores are taking up too much of your time? It may be time to consider hiring a housekeeper or domestic cleaners. This decision can free up a lot your time to spend with your loved ones or have some more personal time.

House cleaners are perfect for busy families or households - they take care of all the tasks you let pile up week after week, like laundry or cleaning the bathroom. Housekeepers will keep your place feeling fresh and clean - and give you peace of mind over the state of your home.

When you do decide to hire a housekeeper, you are opened to a whole slew of questions! Who will I hire? How will I find them? How often do I want them to work? What services do I want them to provide?

Sometimes you want to be very particular with you hire - you want someone who comes every Thursday evening and looks after your dog as well. Word-of-mouth referrals are often not enough to find the perfect match for you and you need more options.

Enter Since 2011, the team at has been helping people in the home care industry find their perfect matches. We guarantee that no other platform has more housekeepers in your area!

Here’s how the site works. On, you can either sign up to be a housekeeper and a housekeeper seeker.

If you are looking for cleaning help near you, create a profile and a listing. From there, housekeepers will respond to your listing, or you can go ahead and browse house cleaners yourself and send them a message as well! In your profile you can note which specifications you are looking for in a housekeeper in terms of hours needed per week, services needed or whether or not you’re willing to sponsor.

If you are a housekeeper looking for a job, create a profile and a listing. People looking for a house cleaner can message you from your listing or, you can search through those seeking cleaning help in your area and message them as well! In your profile, you can specify your hourly pay, what services you can offer and any other information your employer should know.

Here’s a link to a great housekeeping website. And if you’re looking for a housekeeping job, you will find many potential employers as well!

The average housekeeper wage can range from minimum wage to over $41 per hour so it’s important to pay your housekeeper right. Here are some quick stats to take into consideration:

  • The average housekeeper wage is $29.76 per hour
  • Housekeeper prices can vary substantially by geographic location - in Colorado the average hourly pay is $30.31 per hour while in Syracuse it is only $22.29
  • Certain services like pet clean up and window washing can lead to additional fees
  • Housekeepers with more experience are paid better - those with 15+ years in the industry charge an hourly wage of $31.14 on average

On searches can be filtered by…

  • Transportation (e.g. does your housekeeper need a license/vehicle?)
  • Whether or not the housekeeper will bring their own supplies and equipment
  • Services provided (e.g. kitchen cleaning, taking out the trash, oven cleaning)
  • Work eligibility (e.g. criminal record check, whether sponsorship is required) is a self-serve platform and not an agency - meaning employers get to pick who they decide to hire. There’s more control given to the house cleaners on the site as well - they can set their own wage and discuss their hours with their own employers.

Oftentimes, those seeking help around the house just need a wider selection of qualified housekeepers in their area to choose from. Hopefully can help you find your perfect match - good luck!

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