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by siavoshhosseini (writer), , July 14, 2017

The Free Iran gathering was held on 1st July in Paris by the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI) to highlight the issues faced by Iranian people

The Free Iran gathering was held on 1st July in Paris by the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI) to highlight the issues faced by Iranian people and to bring the issue of Iran to the world stage.

It was attended by dignitaries and policy makers from 5 continents including Europe, US and Middle East. The event began at 12 pm and lasted until 9 pm where distinguished guests including the NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi gave speeches and shared their thoughts on the current Iranian regime.

Gilbert Mitterrand, president of Danielle Mitterrand Foundation, welcomed the audience to the Free Iran Grand Gathering, happening for the 8th year now. Gilbert was followed by speeches from Linda Chavez and Sona Samsami. Then delegations from different countries headed by their dignitaries preceded with the event, and they all expressed their views on the current regime in Iran and promised their support to the Iranian people in their fight for freedom.

The first official delegation was from France, and it was headed by Martin Valleton, the Mayor of Villepinte. He welcomed the participants and wished for the victory of the Resistance and a#FreeIran. Senator Alain Néri was next to take the stage and addressed the audience and said that Europe could not stay blind to what is happening in its neighboring countries, especially when something is going on near Paris. Iran cannot be led by dictatorship any longer, and we will help the Iranian people to resist extremism imposed on them by the mullah regime. He said that ” We will fight with you against oppression and dictatorship and free Iran.”

The women delegation was next to express their support to the regime change movement in Iran. Rajani Kumari representing the commission began her speech by saluting the Iranian people for their efforts to free Iran. She further said that this freedom movement headed by Maryam Rajavi has made a real difference and has been able to bring women to center stage where they are standing side by side with men and supporting this movement. She also said that she supports Maryam Rajavi as the new leader of Iran and wants to see and end to mullah’s regime.

John Bolton took the opportunity to address the audience after the women delegation. He said that in 8 years of him attending this event, he could assure everyone that President Trump has made it very clear that he is against the Iranian regime and he opposes the Iran nuclear deal that was signed in the Obama administration. He further assured the Iranian people that the Congress of US is planning on imposing sanctions on Iran due to suppression of its inhabitants. He was bold enough to declare that the Khomeini revolution will not last until its 40th birthday. He said that the regime has failed domestically and internationally and ended by saying that,” We will celebrate a new Iran before 2019”.

After John Bolton, Palestinian delegation was next to arrive, and they were received by a huge round of applause. Valid Asaf representing the commission told the audience that,” we stand with Iranian people for their battle of freedom. Freedom does not come easy and requires a lot of sacrifices, but eventually, victory will come one day for sure”. He further added that

The Syrian delegation consisted of 10 dignitaries, and Nasr Hariri gave a powerful message to the audience. He said that “The criminal regime that is occupying Iraq created chaos in Syria and killed civilians, women, and children. The brave people who are standing in the face of the Iranian regime are sacrificing everything. We will continue to fight for freedom for Syrians and Iranians.We need to kick the Iranian militias out of all countries otherwise we will never have peace or stability. The fall of the regime in Tehran will spell the end of terrorism.”

Marcin Sweicicki said that his delegation from Poland came to this event to bring hope to the people of Iran. He expressed that Europe can never be safe when its neighboring regime is supporting terrorism and are perpetrators of terrible crime. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, President of ISJ, former Vice President of European Parliament shared the same sentiments, and he praised the PMOI members for their efforts. He said that the Ashrafi’s are a real symbol of hope and that fighting with you have given our lives a new meaning and every day we witness a new victory against the regime.If the people could express their will, the government would not last for one more minute.

The President of National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi, who was the main speaker at the event came on next and gave a comprehensive speech in which she thanked all the delegations for taking the time out to attend the event and to the audience for making this event a success. She discussed the reasons for the failure of the regime in the recent election which were boycotted by the public and were a sham. She also told the audience that last year regime was firing missiles at Camp Liberty, but this year we celebrate the relocation of 3000 prisoners from the camp in Iraq to Algeria. She also highlighted the 1988 massacre in which 30,000 political prisoners were slaughtered by the regime.

She further said,”Regime’s overthrow is possible and within reach now because it is surrounded by social discontent. The society is simmering with anger, and the international community is finally starting to realize the regime’s true nature. Our Resistance has kept alive the flame of hope for victory and freedom. When government becomes destructive of the rights of the people, it is the right of the people to destroy it and have a new government. We welcome the statements made by the regime at the Arab summit in Saudi Arabia, and we emphasize that we need the overthrow of the regime. Khamenei and other leaders of the regime must face justice for flagrant violations of human rights and crimes against humanity”. She ended her speech by saying, “The time is up for the mullahs. Children of Iran, rise! Onwards to popular sovereignty”.

After she had finished her speech, Rajavi was met with chanting from the audience: “We are ready.” Few other delegations from US, UK, Germany, Albania, Italy, Canada, Eygpt, and Jordan also expressed their hatred for the Iranian regime and assured Maryam Rajavi of their support. They all commonly expressed that they see her as an alternative to the current regime and will continue to support her efforts to free Iran where people will be able to live their lives free from suppression.

The event was hailed as a success with many dignitaries expressing their wish to join Rajavi next year in Tehran.

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