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4 Key Benefits of Choosing a Fiber Optic Internet Connection

by lenardjohnson (writer), , June 22, 2017

The benefits of installing a fiber optic internet connection outweigh the cost of the initial high installation cost.

Fiber optic internet connections can provide homeowners and business users a number of important benefits. If you are presently using a connection made with a coaxial cable, you should endeavor to know the benefits of having a fiber optic connection. Although the initial cost of installing this technology may be higher, the reliability, speed and security beat that of the coaxial connection. Here are the key benefits you will enjoy when you opt for a fiber optic connection.

1. Reliability

Optical fiber is resilient and much stronger than copper, therefore it provides greater reliability. Fiber optic internet access is exempt from the effects of bad weather or the impact of high voltage electricity installations. The optical fiber wires keep the transmission of data stable at very high speeds and for very long distances. That is why it is more reliable for handling data intensive tasks like streaming of high definition movies, online gaming, and for connections that combine telephone, TV and normal internet access. The internet service providers Montreal residents subscribe usually encourage users to choose this technology when they will need to do data intensive tasks.

2. Security

An optical fiber connection provides better security than a coaxial copper connection. Information hackers may gain access to vital data by tapping a coaxial cable with a copper wire. But the only way to cause a disruption any optical fiber connection is to severe the fibers completely and this will lead to a total signal outage. That means that you make your internet connection more secure and protect yourself, your business and your family from identity thieves and other cyber criminals. Since we all use the internet for paying bills, online shopping and mobile banking, it is important to use the most secure connection you can afford.

3. Efficient Cloud Access

With the multitude of mobile apps and devices that use the cloud for important data storage, having a speedy internet connection is now a must at work and at home. Home users now have to use the internet to access their documents on cloud based storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega and many more. This is because mobile devices have made it imperative to take work home and keep collaborating with team mates long after working hours and on weekends. The super fast speed of fiber optic internet will make access to data and apps stored in the cloud much faster and efficient.

4. Cost Savings

Even though installing a fast fiber installation will cost you more than a what you will pay to install a coaxial copper connection, it offers you substantial cost savings over time. Just one optical fiber connection will allow you to link up different devices such as smart appliances, tablets, TVs, smartphones, laptops and many other internet aware devices without experiencing and drop in speed or performance. You will also be able to do away with your expensive cable TV subscription and use your internet connection to stream high definition videos.

The benefits of installing a fiber optic internet connection outweigh the cost of the initial high installation cost. So take time to evaluate the benefits once again and start to enjoy the unlimited possibilities offered by this technology.

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