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Secure Your Smartphone Browsing with a Best Free VPN

by Stuartclocks (writer), , June 22, 2017

Smartphones have, undoubtedly, made our lives so much easier and comfortable. Without going anywhere, we can surf the web just with a tap on the screens of our smartphones

Have you ever wondered how often you find yourself surfing the internet from your smartphone? Quite evidently, all the time. It may not be possible to have access to your laptop or desktop computer all the time but in today’s digital age, all of us own a smartphone and also have access to it 24/7. In fact, it’s one of those essential things we wouldn’t step outside our homes without having it.

Smartphones Have Become a Necessity

Smartphones have, undoubtedly, made our lives so much easier and comfortable. Without going anywhere, we can surf the web just with a tap on the screens of our smartphones. Every bit of information is now readily available on the internet. There is nothing that we can’t have access to if we own a smartphone. We pay utility bills, carry out financial transactions, place order for items, etc., just with a single click. This mobile device is not only popular among adults but also children. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our lives have become entirely dependent on the smartphones.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you’ve heard people discussing a topic in a meeting you had no idea about and then you went ahead with looking up for the same topic on the web quickly (on your smartphone, of course) in order to save yourself from a huge embarrassment. Did that ever happen to you? Moreover, you can always look up for a certain topic or find the meaning of a particular word on the web you have no prior knowledge about. In such scenarios, browsing on a smartphone really helps.

However, at the same time, you wouldn’t want anyone to keep a track of your mobile browsing or any other online activity that takes place through your smartphone. This is where a VPN comes in. Monitoring your smartphone browsing won’t be possible if you have downloaded a best free VPN app on your device.

Mobile Phone Carriers Are Just Like Your ISP

Just like your ISP or internet service provider can keep a track of your online activity and internet browsing habits, a mobile phone carrier can also monitor your cellphone browsing. Most of the mobile phone carriers blatantly keep a log of your browsing data. This browsing data includes every website you’ve ever visited on your smartphone or every other activity you have performed on those websites. Mobile phone carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, etc., have clearly stated in their privacy policies that they log all website browsing data. Therefore, you cannot blame them for logging your web browsing information since they’ve already declared about it.

Get Help from a VPN Service

Since you cannot do anything to stop your mobile phone carrier to log your web browsing data, we would suggest you adopt a certain technical measure that can keep your private data safe and secure. Any mobile user who is concerned about their mobile security will seriously consider adopting a certain technical measure. As mentioned above as well, this technical measure could be none other than a VPN. A VPN or a virtual private network is a secure, encrypted tunnel that hides all your web browsing activity from the mobile phone carriers. All the internet traffic that passes between your smartphone and Wi-Fi internet connection is encrypted with a VPN service. This encrypted data is impossible for any person to intercept. In fact, the mobile phone carrier will not be able to monitor or track your web browsing activity. All they will know is that the raw amounts of data are going in and out. Other than that, they would not be able to know anything. In fact, even that can be somewhat obscured by the encryption of a good VPN service.

Select the Right VPN for your Smartphone

Selecting a right VPN for your mobile security can be somewhat tricky. There are numerous VPN services available in the market that come in both free and paid versions. Mostly, users opt for free versions in order to test a VPN service. Once they are satisfied with the service, they go ahead and purchase the paid version. Even though paid versions have more features than the free one, using a free VPN would not entirely be a bad option. While selecting a VPN service, make sure to first read its features carefully. A good VPN should claim that it does not log any web browsing data and provides complete privacy and anonymity on the internet. VPNs that keeps a log of your information should not be trusted. Remember that our main aim is to keep our web browsing hidden and protected from everyone including our mobile phone carriers. This is the only reason we have opted for a VPN service. However, if we come across a VPN that logs our information and does the same as our phone carrier, there would be no point seeking help from it then. Therefore, you should always choose the VPN service that can be fully trusted and can make our web browsing habits opaque to our phone carrier. If a VPN doesn't do the job, check out antivirus and mobile security from Lookout.

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