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The Different Advantages of Using CGI in Architectural Photo

by Albert Smith (writer), , July 04, 2017

Since the 1990s, the use of computer generated imagery was mainly enclosed within the realms of entertainment like video games, movies and so on. Not anymore.

Since the 1990s, the use of computer generated imagery was mainly enclosed within the realms of entertainment like video games, movies and so on. Not anymore. It has unfurled its wings now and has gone over to the realms of real estate and architecture because of the benefits that come with it.

And now with the inculcation of technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality in architectural listings, the use of CGI has gained more grounds. Anyway, let’s see the different advantages of using CGI in architectural photography in greater details.

CGI can save you a lot on shipping and logistical costs

Just imagine all the hecticness of an outdoor photo shoot and the expenses incurred on the same. Several extra expenses are involved such as the logistics costs, travel costs, location books costs and various other similar expenses that are more than capable of burning a huge hole in your pocket.

CGI takes care of all that in a jiffy because it allows you to set up an entire mocked-up set that you can use for your photo shoot with pinpointed precision. Thus, you’ll be able to save a bucket load of cash in comparison to that of a conventional photoshoot.

CGI helps you to visualize something even before its actual existence in the real world

In case you don’t have the final product existing in the real world, CGI allows you to visualize the prototype and create a number of image assets for marketing purposes even before the launch of the final product.

This one’s particularly beneficial in case of real estate where the engineers and the workers will be able to visualize the entire construction project as a part of a computer generated image even before the actual start of the project.

And like I said, the precision of representation is as fine as a piece of needle and hence, it becomes mighty difficult for an individual to distinguish between a CGI- generated image and a real image which is considered to be another positive aspect of the CGI.

It’s not real but it looks as if it’s real

Source- Wiki

If CGI’s done perfectly, individuals would seldom be able to distinguish between a real and a computer generated image.

CGI also makes it possible for designers to inculcate breath-taking effects in photographs. It’s the only thing that can defy physics as well. So if you want to incorporate all those avant-garde effects in your photographs, CGI gives you the platform to do that.

Now do take a look at the image depicted above. It’s a computer generated image but it looks SO REAL; doesn’t it? Even the tree is detailed to perfection; let alone the house. The designer has done a good job indeed.

So what do you think now? The CGI platform does have potentials; doesn’t it? It gives you unlimited power as far as designing is concerned. How you use it is an entirely different matter though.

CGI integrates flawlessly with Virtual reality

You have probably heard of the inclusion of 360 degree virtual tour in real estate property listings where the audience will be able to get a full virtual tour of the property from the very comfort of their own drawing rooms.

All they’ll need is just a working PC or a smartphone and an internet connection to get on it. These 360 degree virtual tours have actually grown in popularity because of the convenience that comes with it.

Okay, but do you know what makes this virtual tours tick? It’s the inclusion of CGI images in them. The CGI images work seamlessly in a virtual environment giving off the vibes that the individual is walking through a real environment when in reality s/he is just in a virtual world and is interacting with things that are not real.

This is definitely one of the biggest benefits of CGI; there’s simply no doubt about it.

The CGI technology has given the real estate industry a huge boost indeed, especially when you look at its benefits from its marketing point of view. It helps to create the maximum impression on audience; something that makes it an ace in the hole marketing tactic for real estate marketers. If that’s not an advantage, I don’t know what is.

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