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Top 5 Essential Car Safety Features You Should Look Out For

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , June 19, 2017

Here, we are listing the top 5 essential car safety features you should look out for while buying a new or pre-owned car.

Planning to buy a new car? Do look out for these top 5 essential car safety features on the car you have shortlisted.

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It is great that you are planning to buy a car for yourself and your family. You might be saving from past few years to own a car, and go with your loved ones on a long drive. But your responsibility doesn’t ends here. You must ensure that the car you are buying is extremely safe and your family will stay safe inside during an accident, if it happens in the worst case. No matter you are buying a new car or a pre-owned one, safety shouldn’t be compromised at any step.

Here, we are listing the top 5 essential car safety features you should look out for while buying a new or pre-owned car.

Top 5 Essential Car Safety Features

Seat Belts

Seat belts are the most essential safety feature you should look out for in any car. Today, almost every car comes with a basic seat belt system pre-installed for passengers’ and driver’s safety. And as you move towards upper car segments, the seat belt systems start becoming better and they are added with more features for improving their overall performance.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a new car or a pre-owned car; make sure that its seat belt system is working fine. The seat belts are designed to keep you safely inside the car in an event of crash. Also, they ensure that you don’t collide with the windshield, dashboard or the steering wheel because of the crash’s impact.

Some additional features that improve seat belt performance:

  • Seatbelt warning alerts
  • Adjustable upper belts
  • Seat belt pre-tensioners
  • Energy management features
  • Rear center seat lap/shoulders belts

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Air Bags

Airbags have been providing life-saving benefits to the people who have been involved in an accident. There have been numerous accident cases around the globe, when an airbag has saved passengers’ or driver’s life during a major mishap. Nowadays, almost every car segment has airbags to offer as a standard or optional safety feature.

Basically, air bags are like strong balloons which are installed on steering wheel, dashboard and even on the window sides on the high-end cars. These inflate itself during a crash, depending on the speed of the car and the stiffness of the object struck. The airbags prevent the driver and passengers from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or the windshield. High-end luxury cars and SUVs also feature side airbags that reduce the risk of occupants hitting the window glass on door or any other object during an accident.

Antilock Brake System

Antilock brake system or ABS is an effective car safety feature, which is also found on two-wheelers nowadays. This advanced feature prevents a car’s wheels from locking during emergency braking. This allows the driver to maintain a better control on the steering wheel, which will further avoid any collision or slipping of the car from its own lane. A good control on the steering wheel ensures least chances of collision. However, ABS doesn’t guarantee driver’s ability to avoid a collision.

A driver needs to know how to use ABS correctly in the time of need. Driving at extremely excessive speeds and poor driving capabilities may result in fatal accident even in the presence of ABS car safety feature. Therefore, one should always try to understand how ABS works during emergency braking for the greatest benefits.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability control or ESC has different names in different countries and even in different brands, however their work remains same everywhere. ESC has been designed to help drivers while maintaining steering control of their car during extreme steering maneuvers. The electronic stability control system automatically senses when a car starts to spin out or plow out. After which, this system automatically applies brakes to a single wheel. The ESC system has been designed to reduce the chances of collisions when a driver loses control over the steering wheel.

Traction Control

Traction control systems have been designed to improve a vehicle’s stability on slippery surfaces or during off-roading activities. This safety feature controls the amount of power delivered to the wheels by adjusting the engine power output, and in some systems it even applies braking force to selected wheels while accelerating. It eliminates the wheel slip and allows to driver to accelerate without any fear of losing the control over the car. This car safety feature is mostly found in cars with all four wheel antilock brake systems.

Do you think we missed an important car safety feature on our list? Do share your thoughts, comments and feedback in the section given below.

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