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5 effective ways to combat Magento shopping cart abandonment

Those who have a Magento store for a long time know that the great amount of potential profit is lost because of shopping cart abandonment.

Those who have a Magento store for a long time know that the great amount of potential profit is lost because of shopping cart abandonment. Unfortunately modern marketing doesn’t know the ways to kill it once and forever, but nevertheless you can significantly reduce it following our simple instructions. We have analyzed the main reasons for Magento shopping cart abandonment and have found 5 effective ways to combat it with almost no effort and budget required.

Advice 1 – Make the shopping process convenient

One of the main reasons why the customers decide to leave your Magento store once and forever and never come back is that the purchase process is inconvenient. This might be caused by a number of problems: you can be taken to the cart page every time you add something to it, the amount of the steps required to finish the purchase is unknown, it’s hard to get an overview of the products selected. To solve some of the issues above it is advisable to upgrade your system with AjaxCart mod. This extension will help you cart to be up to date with the modern marketing tendencies. With its help customers can edit their order in the dialog window, you can adjust the data shown and, of course, Ajax Cart Magento offers the most convenient shopping process.

Advice 2 – Introduce free shipping

According to the research conducted by comScore, 58% of the customers abandon their carts, since the shipping fees exceed their expectations and they are not ready to pay that much. 50% of customers would leave the site if the amount of their order were not enough to get free shipping. As you see, free delivery service might be much more important for the success than you might think. So offering it even on selected days will cause increase in profit.

Advice 3 – Send email reminders

The same research says that almost a half of the customers add products to the carts for later use. So it would be a good idea to remind them about yourself and their intentions by sending an abandoned cart email. Who knows, maybe they are ready to make the purchase at your Magento store.

Advice 4 – Don’t hide extra costs

Specialists agree, if you have extra costs, you’d better not hide it. Customers would learn about them sooner or later. But if this happens at the final stage, customers will feel like you are trying to take them in. So you’d better not play with their feelings to avoid extra shopping cart abandonment.

Advice 5 – Offer a wide range of payment methods

1 out of 4 customers leave the website once and forever since the store doesn’t offer a suitable payment method. And unlike other cases he would never come back. This is easy to solve by offering as many payment methods as possible. Don’t forget about credit cards and all sorts of electronic money.

Final Words

Sometimes users just leave your site because they, for example, have changed their mind. It is ok, just accept those situations that are beyond your control. But at the same time you should do you best to provide seamless experience and eliminate friction for those potential customers who just hesitate.

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