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Working And Trying To Be Martha Stewart

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, January 18, 2008

Working women multitasking themselves to the nutsville

So here you are a success, by American society standards and yet you feel somewhat less than. It is really not your fault or is it. 
Now wait a second you say I have worked my way from sales clerk to a good management position in the corporate world or some other equally responsible position. I got married ( that didn’t work out to well) but I have 2 wonderful kids (in school and some kind of lesson for each of them). I have a housekeeper come in once a week and yes I own my own home (well except the bank still needs me to give them money for it for the next thirty years) and lest we not forget the gardener and sometimes handyman. And oh yes the new car, nothing says success like a new car. Ok, maybe it was a few years old when you bought it, but it is new to you.

So here you are and you think things are fine. Oh, but then comes Martha Stewart to tell you and all the working women (executives or not) that you need to have fresh cut flowers in a vase on your dining table and that your sheets should match (her sheets are big sellers at Kmart) and have your next dinner party ( this of course assumes you have had a dinner party before) using the fine china (personally no party I have ever had over 3 guests has had anything but paper plates) like the everyday Melmac isn’t good enough.

Now I don’t know about you, but I myself know that when I am working all week and commuting at least an hour each way. My weekends are jam packed with all the things I couldn’t get done during the week. I love fresh cut flowers and I will buy them if I can fit them into the weekly budget, however they are not on the top of my priority list. And those sheets, well I have pets. And I am not sure how they do it but somehow they get torn, over hairballed (those who have cats will understand, some hairballs are well just lets say, you never want to lay on the same sheet that the hairball touched). So you can see how matching sheets for some of us (those with human kids will understand) are good in theory only. Lest we not forget those dinner parties. Now I myself am not the dinner party type, barbecues are my particular specialty (I sure Martha might beg to differ) however if you must have a dinner party and the fine china is definitely out. Don’t invite more people than you have dishes or seating space (people sitting using the TV trays may feel a little left out).
Now I have nothing against Marty (she and I are buds, I am sure it is ok if I call her that).
Now for all of you who aspire to be Marty, stop. You do realize she isn’t doing anything alone. Like in business it is “Location, Location, Location, well for this remember Staff, Staff, Staff. Do you have any? And No the kids and grandma don’t count.

Also remember if she were doing this by herself, it would be a train wreck. I have seen Marty frazzled it isn’t pretty.

Now Martha has some good ideas (maybe calling her Marty is a little too much and we are not buds).

I have been working 10 days in a row, and my house looks it. The stack of unopened mail, the serious pile of laundry and don’t even look at the dishes in the kitchen sink (mostly coffee cups and bowls, I microwave everything when I am working long hours). Martha might then say that’s no excuse, but to that I say “ Staff, Staff, Staff ”. I really do like fresh cut flowers.

So remember the next time you compare yourself to Martha and feel as though you are not making the grade.
Try to imagine all the women all over the world and some of the horrific conditions that they are having to live (yes in America also) and they have no clue who Martha is and could care less. They would just like to survive the moment and wish they had the luxury to even think about something as trivial as fresh cut flowers.

As I sit around my house I realize just how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and work. I believe we have to aspire to be our best selves, whatever that may be. To bring to the world the wonderful women energy that can nourish and inspire and heal. We cannot make the world, even our own small worlds a better place from a superficial level,. We can first make the changes on the inside and the outside will naturally happen.
Bring joy and healing into people’s lives and trust me nobody will even care about the dirty dishes in the sink.

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By L DeSilva-Johnson on April 02, 2008 at 11:35 am

I needed to read this today. I've been up to my ears in piles, and I do, genuinely, love to throw a dinner party here and there (I've even, god help me, done a tablescape from time to time, but I didn't know that word existed, and I think I'm happy about that).

I agree, Lady D. Hoorah to mismatching, bbq's and a few dirty dishes!

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By Lady D on April 02, 2008 at 09:23 pm


Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed.

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