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6 Steps to Take after a Bike Accident

by copygeek (writer), Nairobi, June 26, 2017

One of the popular pastimes across all age groups in the United States is bicycling. Bicycling gets you in shape physically and helps build your confidence. However, it can be quite hazardous

According to the latest statistics issued by "The Center for Disease Control and Prevention," bike riders are at a higher risk of facing a collision with an automobile than drivers of motor vehicles.
So, what should you do if you are caught up in an accident with an automobile? Here are the steps that you should take immediately after the bike accident:
1. Never Leave the Accident Scene
Running away from the scene of an accident may put you in danger. State traffic laws need the drivers involved in the accident to follow certain procedures just after the accident.
2. Make Sure That You Are Safe
Don’t panic. Examine yourself thoroughly for a few moments after the accident. Some common injuries that usually occur after a bike accident include broken bones, concussion, lacerations and whiplash. Almost in all cases, bikers experience an adrenaline rush and so they are not aware of their injuries immediately after the accident.
If you are unable to get up from the ground, the right thing to do is call for someone to pick you up. Even if you feel right, it is imperative to check with your health physician.
If you have undergone medical treatments for the injuries, don’t forget to maintain the documentation of all your expenses on health checkups. This will help you claim your insurance later on.
3. Wait for the Police to Arrive
In the event of significant injury, damage or casualty, make sure to call the police. Discuss the accident only with the police and ensure to answer all the questions carefully. Make certain to give a full account of what happened to the police officer. This will help them to document your story. Don’t get scared and simply say sorry.
4. Get the Insurance Information of the Drive
Even if you don’t find much damage and injury, you should always obtain the insurance information of the other party. Also, get names and contact information of the driver. This information is crucial and will help your insurance company file your case if you take any legal action in the future.
5. Take Photographs
Take pictures of your bike, your injuries, your helmet, other vehicles and any other possessions that suffered damage. You may not be able to remember exactly what happened after a traumatic accident, so after some time jot down as much as you remember about the incident. It might take a long time to process an insurance claim, and you may forget some important details by then.
6. Consult With Your Attorney
If you are facing difficulties in getting reimbursement for your injury and damage from your insurance or the other party’s insurance company, talk to your West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights as soon as possible.
The steps that you should follow just after an accident may have a huge impact on your injuries and for any lawsuit that results from the mishap. Thus, it is extremely important that you know what to do just after the tragedy.

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