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Get Started Selling PGP BlackBerry Devices

by michaelsanduso (writer), , June 14, 2017

A reputable PGP encryption vendor who provides their own SIM cards and a customer management system like a portal will help your business thrive.

If you want to start a telecommunications reselling business, or expand an existing one, PGP encryption is quickly becoming an important growth market. As email hacking and cybersecurity appear in the headlines almost daily, people are starting to take email security seriously, and that means a growing potential customer base. But what do you need to successfully launch your own PGP BlackBerry encryption reselling business?

A PGP Encryption Provider

The first thing you need is a reliable, reputable provider of PGP encryption for BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry remains the device of choice for security-minded customers, and it’s optimally designed for PGP encryption). Some of the things you should look for in a provider include an extensive white list, clear pricing plans, and 24/7 support for resellers.

BlackBerry Devices

Depending on the vendor you work with, the customer may be able to install PGP encryption on the BlackBerry device they already use, or you will have to supply new BlackBerry devices. With tailored devices like these, the vendor will lock down non-email functions using BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). This is done to protect the user from keylogging and other malware that can compromise the privacy of a device.

Portal for Resellers

One of the ways PGP encryption vendor Myntex provides support for its resellers is through a new reseller portal, a tool that will help you manage your payments, your clients, activations, and remote wipes. PGP BlackBerry technology can take some wrapping your head around; it’s a vital technology for privacy-minded communications users, but it may not always seem like the most intuitive technology. Reseller portals are among the most valuable resources for PGP BlackBerry technology, simply because they help you manage your customers and focus on providing great service and staying up to date on the latest security news. They also help you live up to your customers’ expectations, as they allow you to instantly activate customer and execute a remote wipe. When your customers lose their device, they want their private messages removed quickly.

You, as the reseller, should be able to focus on learning about this technology and learning how to educate your customers. A portal means you can spend less time managing user setup and managing SIM card inventory, giving you more time for growing your business. The portal used by Myntex resellers includes a wallet system used for SIM card prepayments and activating new users, a process that takes minutes. Setting up PGP encryption on third party SIM cards is possible, but it means the setup process can take days or weeks, when your customers want to start using encrypted email immediately.

Since you’re dealing with information for customers that are deeply concerned about their privacy and the confidentiality of their information, any such reseller portal should be accessed through a VPN connection. The portal should also make it easy to manage sub-resellers; you can minimize your risks taking on prepaid SIM cards by having sub-resellers likewise prepay for services.

A reputable PGP encryption vendor who provides their own SIM cards and a customer management system like a portal will help your business thrive. Find a supplier you can trust and get your business off the ground.

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