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10 Ideas From Language Experts For Better Memorizing

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , June 13, 2017

And come what may, no era can undermine the importance of women in any household as they are the ones who hold the flock together.

Health is wealth; Mental health is more than wealth – Anonymous

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Gone were the days when humans lived in joint families. Men used to go for hunting or work in the field or have a separate profession such as ironsmith etc. Old women used to tend grandchildren and middle aged women used to cook for the entire family. With the families becoming nuclear such as father, mother and children, every individual member has to multi-task. And come what may, no era can undermine the importance of women in any household as they are the ones who hold the flock together.

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If you are a woman, we need not tell you, in this fast paced world, the tasks you have to complete every day. You always derive pleasure in having a better memory and always take the initiative to solve the problems of your family members. Some of your friends may have various methods to keep their memory in good condition such as playing Sudoku, learning magic etc. However, in recent times, there are many (even men) who have taken to learning a new language to keep their brain and body in perfect condition.

The benefits of speaking two languages are many. Kindly have a look at the chart:

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There are also women who have become experts in a foreign language and now conduct classes on the internet. Let us look into the points which they give fellow women:

A) You First Forget The Words And Relearn

The above words might give you a surprise, but that is how the brain works. A person skilled in memory techniques will follow the same technique – learn, forget, revise and then relearn. If you follow this pattern, the words will stick to your memory. If you are married, just imagine the joy your children will feel when you sit beside them also for learning.

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Case Study

John (son): Mom, I and Jane (his sister) find that you also sit with us while we do the homework. And some odd sounds you make (Jane guffaws). Are you learning donkey’s language?

Jane breaks into laughter.

You: (hiding your embarrassment): That is not a nice way to speak, John. I am learning a new language and I am preparing for the next class.

Jane and John (together): So you are also a student like us. So then we can bully you and fight with you.

You just give a nodding smile.

B) The Reason

You should need a valid reason to tell your subconscious mind for learning a new skill. Or else, the engine will lose its steam in the long run. Other than keeping your memory fit, also think of the benefits the language will bring you. Maybe, your husband’s next job will be in Spain. So learning Spanish language is new but also it will help you in the long run.

Definitely, for gaining information regarding learning a new language, you will search on the internet and some of the best tutors, kindly note, will be found at .

C) Partner/Group

Having a supportive family always helps in learning a new skill; but it is necessary to find a partner either in your class or family to keep you on toes. A conversation a day after the class, giving homework between the two or a group can make you learn the language in a short duration. New friends may add more health to your laughter.

D) Self-Talk

Practising yourself in front of the mirror can help minimize the chances of revision. But ensure you do not talk in front of someone as they might think you have gone crazy.

E) Conversation Is Necessary

The best part to learn a new language is conversation. Simply burying your head in textbooks does not help you. It is better to convey to the other person that you are in the process of fine-tuning the specific language and then start the discussion.

F) Creativity

It is better to have fun while learning new words so that they become entrenched in your memory. You can draw comic characters, make jokes, or talk to everyone in your class in the same foreign language. Just give a similar project to children and bask in the glory of their mischief and creativity. But know when to put a stop!

G) Learn Similar To A Child

You should be selfish to learn every aspect regarding the language. When your children or grandchildren were four years old, imagine the questions they asked and your entire energy for the day will be lost in giving them answers. Try the similar technique and do not feel depressed if you are given rude stares. You will learn more about your native language when you are learning another.

H) Comfort Zone

If you have passion, you will not be afraid to make mistakes. There might be times, you may get caught in an embarrassing situation with your kids. But remember, it will be worth the hard work once you master the language. The day you come out of your comfort zone is the day you will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. Your analytical skills, problem-solving methods will improve in the process.

I) Listen

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First, give an ear. The new language will seem strange or peculiar when you hear it the first time. Be sure to get the dictations right. A wrong modulation of sound might just be the end of learning the language. Watch movies and youtube videos in the language. You become flexible, tolerant as arrogance will be a bottleneck when it comes to learning a new skill.

J) Brain Gains More Power

A survey has clearly indicated that working of the brain in a positive way amounts to more health in the long time. The benefits for women are improvement of memory and concentration, decline in age-related diseases etc.


It has been proved, that a healthy and fit mother can be the best gift for a nuclear family. Just imagine, in unfortunate circumstances you become ill, the entire household schedule will go topsy-turvy. So learn a new language, be hale and hearty and the darling of your household! Here’s a toast to you!

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