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How to get the right business card? Designing and Printing

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, June 12, 2017

Your business card means a lot to your company. It tells people about what you are and how you might perform.

Your business card means a lot to your company. It tells people about what you are and how you might perform. It shows your seriousness and stature. Moreover, a good card is also a reflection of creativity. The way you make your business card can help you in stand out in your competition. It is all about showing who you are, what you do, what you are capable of and why you matter. Particularly, in countries like Singapore where the market competition is at its peak, you need a decent name card printing in Singapore that helps in reflecting what you can truly do. Here, we are going to take you through some steps that will aid you in having the right business card.


It is not all about the content in your card that makes a big difference. The typography is among the most critical things in design. It is a science concerning lettering and how your reader is going to get engaged with your content. It will also determine that how much the content takes space on your business card. You can also say that it is about conveying the information in clear and effective manner. When you choose traditional lettering, it tells the seriousness and businesslike approach. A creative font can make your content more powerful.

The size, style, and color should be comprehensive and easily readable.


When you talk about the modern business card, there is always logo which is a matter of concern. You may like to consider something that is classic and well-crafted. A simple crest or any shape among the ones that are geometrical can be considered. Furthermore, graphic designers also add up some colorful illustrations and photographs to make the design a bit more effective. People that are expert in branding put a lot of focus on the logo as they say it should be strong, effective and conveying a message about your company.


The quality of paper on which your name card information will be printed counts a lot. There are a number of choices available to you. A good paper helps in creating better color effects and also aid you in proper card finishing. There are certain people who want something extra on the paper. Whether it is about the beveled edges or it concerns the watermark that you want on the card, paper can make a big difference. Moreover, who will not love to put his hands on a card that gives a decent feeling when you hold it?

Other factors

There are two other factors that are considerable when you talk about business card printing. One is the creative layout while other is the shape. Particularly, the companies that concern designing and creativity emphasis a lot on how the card is crafted. And last but not the least, you need a decent company to provide you name card printing in Singapore if you want to get the best card. A good company with high reputation always work according to your needs and may suggest you something that can make your card better.

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