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4 Reasons Why Your Stellar Content is Going Unread

by Craig McConnel (writer), Gilbert Arizona, June 22, 2017

Learn how to promote your content to seek visibility from your potential customers, fans and website visitors.

A large percentage of the "expert" advice about good SEO is focused on content. Consistently deliver great content and all the pieces to your SEO puzzle will fall right into place. While there is a large degree of truth to that idea, great content is never enough to improve most sites' rankings all by itself.

Creating engaging content for your website is important, but it would be misleading to suggest that it is all you need to have an optimized, high-ranking website. Let’s have a look at why content alone is not enough to improve site performance.

How Great is Your Content, Really?

Let’s start by having a look at your content. No matter how much you like it, what matters is whether anyone else does. Great content must be unique, engaging, relevant, and beneficial to your audience. Excellent content possesses all these qualities.

Can People Find You In The First Place?

Using the right keywords at the right density to attract higher SERPS ranking is a necessary part of your SEO efforts. It is also important to ensure that your site is indexed and properly categorized with Google for the right audience to be able to find your content.

Getting Any Backlinks?

Google uses backlinks to your content to rate your pages. The more links posted to your content, the better that page will rank. Links from a highly respected industries, for example, boost rankings considerably more than those coming from smaller, lesser-known sites. You can use a reputable link building service or SEO company to increase and optimize the effectiveness of your backlinks.

Is Anyone Sharing Your Content?

If you consistently deliver great content, you should also include calls to action to share it across social media. Your more enthusiastic followers will happily post it on all their social media channels (this is considered link building) and even share it via text and email. This will help attract more site visitors, which helps quickly boost SEO.

Final Takeaway

If your content is performing poorly, there are a number of effective ways to optimize it:

  • Consistently deliver great stuff that keeps your audience engaged
  • Optimize all your content for good SERPs rankings
  • Leverage the power of back-links
  • Encourage sharing across social media

Finally, remember that the search engines take into account the overall quality of your pages so be sure that the content you are delivering is relevant and well-presented at all times.

About the Writer

Craig McConnel is founder and CEO of Webspand, a Phoenix-based SEO agency. He is an experienced SEO strategist and Google Adwords PPC expert. He is also one of the top 3 link building experts in the USA and manages the paid search for the digital marketing agency, Digital Current.
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