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It's Time for a (Sexual) Revolution

by ZenGrrrl (writer), Los Angeles, November 01, 2006

Sex is not divine, or sick, or dirty, or evil, or sacred. It's human.

It is the act that human beings are hard-wired to desire and, in many cultures (especially American), are taught to not talk about. What forces are shaping us when a woman can send an electronic message across the globe in five seconds, but she can't tell her partner that she has never had an orgasm?

Our culture perpetuates more dysfunction around sex than any other part of the human condition. The media images that we are surrounded by provide all the titillation we could ever ask for—with zero guidance on how to respond to our natural desires with wisdom. The sexiness that we see in movies, on TV, in magazines, and on billboards creates a schizophrenia: "This is sexiness, but you’ll never achieve it—it's only a fantasy." "This is what sex is but only in fantasies, not in the real world." "This is how you talk about sex: by not talking about it."

From the tenets of organized religion to the liposuction aura of Hollywood, we are bombarded with sex messages but given no mentorship. We have no support systems that address the singular act that has brought every human being—six billion of us—into existence. It is the very act that drives the continuance of our species. We live in an age when AIDS or the threat of WMDs could destroy us all, and we don’t know how to discuss sex? The disconnection must be discussed, out loud, now. The dysfunction in America increases every day as we see people reaching harder and higher for impossible levels of happiness but neglecting the part of their humanity that is very often the core of self-esteem and identity: their sexuality.

People are crying out for REALness about sex. Not hyperbole, not manufactured scripting, not McSex, not stumbling naked into the American sexual "Just Do It!" battlefield with no emotional preparation. With all the visibility that the gay community has achieved in the last several decades, demanding acceptance for alternative sexual orientations, it is time for people of every orientation to make a stand against sexual repression, against the messaging that tries to brainwash us into believing that our bodies are dirty.

If you never talked about sex with your parents, never discussed sexual problems with your partner or best friend, never said the words, out loud, that would have prevented a life-changing disaster, how has that omission changed you? How has it changed the world we all share?

When people begin to experience talking freely about their sexual needs, they discover an amazing systemic effect. Like ripples in a pond, as they find peace and balance in their own bodies, they discover that the feeling of balance spreads and touches the rest of their lives—their relationships with family members, co-workers, friends, with the world. Imagine a world where you can be as comfortable discussing sex as when discussing philosophy, business, or current events.

With radical honesty, we must create that world.

Our culture must change. It's time to end the organized repression, the ignorance, the disastrous decision-making, the adolescent fear.

It's time for a revolution.

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By Glenn T on November 02, 2006 at 01:14 pm
Nice piece. I especially like "not McSex, not stumbling naked into the American sexual "Just Do It!" battlefield".. great image!
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