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NYC Is The Best Of The Best


If you didn’t know then you better ask somebody, N.Y.C. is one of the best places to have an exciting time.

 There is much history behind these tall buildings, the grand hotels, the paved streets and the exquisite restaurants that are located in this mystic metropolis, yet this history merely stands behind the shadows of the history of the greater New York area.  New York can be an exciting place for tourist as many of them arrive to be greeted by tall buildings, hundreds of opportunities and thousands of people who appear to canvas the streets of this fair city.

The greater New York has so many opportunities and activities that it's virtually impossible to include every New York City activity, yet on just about every block the convenience of locating a bodega, or a deli is an advantage not seen anywhere else in the world. Restaurants seem to pop up like cornels of corn all over the city and you can find a variety of special cuisine that will interest your pallet for sure. Among some of these food palaces you can be seen at Tavern on the Green in central park hiding abreast the trees and bright lights as you spoon in some great tasting concoction at table 7 sitting outside of the place on a beautiful night.

From Broadway shows and top NYC attractions to great dining and exciting nightlife, you're guaranteed to enjoy NYC! Some of the best parks are in New York; my favorite is the “West 4th Street Park” (this park by reputation is said to produce some of the best basketball superheroes) where all the good basket ball players attempt to strut their skills. New York City's many great parks offer a welcome respite from the concrete jungle of City dogma, with activities from bus tours and concerts to open spaces for picnicking and relaxing, dinning out under the stars to riding around the park with horse driver and buggy.

Among the ranks of great parks you’ll find Central Park which was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux. Central Park first opened in the winter of 1859 and it features 843 acres of wooded area with 7 bodies of water, lakes, bike lands, and it has its own concert area where the summer hails all good entertainers. On the other hand Bryant Park is Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, between 5th and 6th Avenues from 40th to 42nd Streets with the New York Public Library  situated at the southern end of the park. The Park hosts a variety of popular events, including outdoor film screenings, and Ice Skating its like Broadway in the Park, and there is so many others like Union Square Park, Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, and the Hudson River Park to name a few, each with their own brand of entertainment. (I like some of the tall ceilings in these plush apartments that are near some of these parks)

New York is home to many of the world's best museums and music halls, hundreds of cabs rushing to meet and greet your call for transportation, limos. Buses and the grand old Metro, all the transport one requires. 

Sightseeing cruises are another great way to enjoy the beauty of City life from the New York Harbor to the Theaters on Broadway. Whether you're looking for a long, leisurely cruise, a high flying helicopter tour or a quick speed boat ride, these are the best sightseeing cruises in New York City with onboard entertainment that has no rivals, it's the best in the world.

Cruises are a fantastic way to begin your tour of New York City. Circle Line Cruise is one company that offer visitors a great overview as well as a great way to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. They offer 30 minute speed boat rides or 3 hours Full Island Cruise sailing, of course there are many other companion companies that offer similar deals but I hasten to restrain myself from listing them here. New York is really a stand alone place because there is no where on earth where you can find just about everything available on the earth, there is hundreds of Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Italian restaurants and every other kind that you can think of, you name it they have it (from the best breakfast to the best bagels).

Well strange enough if you like tea there are tea rooms’ coffee shops, fruit liquidizer stands and the happy hour bar and grill always ready and available to quench your favorite thirst.

 You know New York City with all its generated revenue it is quite possible that it could maintain the American economy, but that’s just my imaginary take on it.

There is so much on the plate of good available things to do in the city it becomes rather difficult to decide which one is the best of the best, a decision which many have been unable to make with any tangible conviction. Therefore let’s put a call out to all you tourist and fun seekers out there to test the waters for yourself, make the decision if you can, regarding which is the best thing about being in NYC, and when you find out please let me know.

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By Rose Mountain on January 24, 2008 at 11:49 pm

Great article Credo..

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By Credo on February 13, 2008 at 08:15 pm

Thank you Rose for your comment.

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