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Driving In A Winter Wonderland

by tnecvolfan2001 (writer), midtown atlanta, January 17, 2008

Hey, it snowed in Atlanta this week, and we survived to tell about it!

What is it about snowfall here in the south?  It makes some people a little bit crazy, like people who head out to bars at the first site of the white stuff, and then believe they have to drink every drop of liquor in the house, just cause its snowing.  And the news shows, I mean how many stories can they make out of one snowfall?    And the drivers, well before I crack on them too much, I must say they did a good job driving in the snow Wednesday evening.  It started to snow, then, with blizzard like conditions, the flood gates were opened, and the official ride home from work was on!  But, where were the wrecks?  Where were the fools who normally spoil it all for the rest of us commuters heading home to work?  Some commuters told me that the highways they were on were actually lighter than normal in volume.  Others said that although traffic was heavy, everyone was driving safely, defensively, even.  I thought that went out of style here a long, long time ago. 

Most people here on Wednesday, I believe, took a moment to enjoy the snow and the pretty picture it provided.  Downtown along Peachtree Street, people seemed to take a few moments to capture the beauty that a rare snowfall provides against our beautiful skyline.  I noticed at one intersection how the street lamp lit up the falling snow, which was about then turning into a bit of rain, but the frigid temperatures began to freeze the water and snow mix, forming little icicles falling onto the street below.  And in the north Georgia mountains, well I'd like anyone in the country to come up with a prettier picture than what folks up in Rabun County are getting right outside their windows.  The kids' reactions and the smiles on the faces of strangers made me realize that the snowfalls we dread each year here are really blessings.

So, now, before we get a little too happy, let's make sure the snow goes away in a good and timely manner.  Weather forecasters say that light, freezing drizzle will likely be with us through the day on Thursday,  moving out by Friday.  Temperatures are reaching freezing marks into late Wednesday night, so weather forecasters are saying that worries of icy roads meeting up with morning rush could be troublesome.  DOT spokeswoman Teri Pope is saying their drivers are out in every county affected by the snow dealing with slick spots.  Remember, black ice is likely to be a big problem for some on the roads for the next couple of days.  Schools in Hall, Banks, Dawson, Fanin, Forsyth, Habersham, Pickens and White Counties in north Georgia will be closed on Thursday. 

And for everyone else who has to go about their day, take some time to enjoy the snow and be careful!

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By Ariel on January 17, 2008 at 01:51 pm

Atlanta has the craziest weather. I lived there between January and June and it went from crazy cold to incredibly hot and humid.

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By tnecvolfan2001 on January 17, 2008 at 07:04 pm

oh yea good ol' gulf stream!

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