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4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Software Solutions

by Sohel Ather (writer), , June 18, 2017

If you are looking for a business software solution to help improve efficiency and streamline business processes, you would have to put in a bit of research.

You have the option to buy off-the-shelf software packages or go for a custom software tailor-made for your business. Picking up between these two could be a tough choice.

Let us help you with that.

There’s no denying that every business is unique. Cookie-cutter solutions of readymade business software is unlikely to meet all your specific needs. You will have very little control over software updates. You might even be forced to upgrade at the whim of developer or switch systems. In worst case the developer might discontinue to support the product.

On the other hand custom software tailored just for your business will meet all your specific needs. So let’s delve deep into the reasons why you should consider getting help from a custom software development company.

1.Saves Time and Money

Automating business processes leads to streamlined operations which reduce costs and improve cash flows. Filling up online forms, integration and syncing of social media, feedback forms, cross posting on various networks, email template generation, accounting tasks all these could be easily automated. Instead of using multiple off-the-shelf programs a customized software to take care of your business needs will help you save time.

If your business’s core competency isn’t software development then it would be a complicated task for your team to build a custom software. This would lead to waste of man hours in a task which could easily be handled by a professional custom software development company. There are plenty of specialized organisations which can tailor-made your software and deliver it faster, better and cost-effectively.

The initial investment in developing your business specific software may seem outrageous. But over a period of time it will prove to be worth every dime spent on it. The custom software will be a big time saver with the focus on business process optimization. The work flow would be lean and seamless integrating all operations from billing, accounting to tracking deliveries. This integrated customized software will efficiently deliver the goods in the long run shedding unnecessary expenses than ready-made software.

2.Full Ownership and Control

No one knows your business better than you. The ins and outs of it. If you use custom software, you get to decide and prioritise the essential functions and features for operating your business. Your custom software development partner brings to the table best practices from the industry leveraging its past experience.

The IT development partner will map your company’s requirements and help you rule out unnecessary operations. This streamlining process will lead to improvement in work flow and thereby higher efficiency.

If you go for custom software for your business as you can see you will have full control over the design and development of the software. Your investment in custom software will get you complete proprietary rights. The biggest plus of using custom software is you own it.

3.Flexibility to Respond to Changes

The business world is a fast changing paradigm. Growth in technology and telecommunications throws up new challenges to the company. Your business needs to keep pace with these changes along with the constantly evolving governmental regulatory framework to stay ahead of competitors in the race.

If your company uses off-the-shelf business software then you are inherently bound to the vendor’s timeline for updates. Software vendors generally release updates which has a mass appeal and not based on a one particular client.

The custom software packages will give you the edge by giving room for tweaking and be responsive to your customer’s needs. It incorporates changes and new ideas as the business grows. Thus the system is scalable with this adaptability.

The custom software solution has inherent capability to grow and change with the growth in your business. As you add more employees and offices you will not be forced to rethink your technological solutions. You will be very conveniently able to add users and group of users to your existing program. Best part is you will not have to pay any additional licensing fees.

In case there any problem with the software it can be fixed as soon as it is identified. You will not have to wait for the next round of update as would be the case with off-the-shelf software package. A smooth and continuous communication flow between you and custom software Development Company would ensure tweaks to the software carried out as part of the maintenance without disturbing the regular business operations.

The off-the-shelf software might turn out to be incompatible with existing programs in your company. The label specs might indicate the readymade software to be a good fit to your company’s technology ecosystem. In reality this may turn out to be different. You might even have to pay huge sums to get a custom change to the readymade software. This might be a lengthy and complicated process. The financial loss in this scenario could be frustrating. On the other hand, custom software development solutions built around your specific IT environment makes life easier for you.

As told earlier, custom software does not run the risk of getting obsolete. It would be unfortunate if your off-the-shelf software vendor one fine day decides to phase out the software. Your business depends on it. And here you will get a shock of life. In this scenario, generally you will be asked to purchase a newer version or run the risk of security threats and reduced output on the unsupported program. That would not be the case with a custom software.

4.Custom Reports

Every company needs data to assess its performance and growth. The custom software can create specific reports that you will need to run your business on a day to day basis. The analytics will also help you in finding growth opportunities. Otherwise the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software programs have features to generate basic reports. The generalized reports may not be the right bargain to monitor your business operations and growth. Therefore, hiring a custom software development company will be the right decision. They will build into your program the functionality to generate reports to help you monitor your business and translate it into higher profits.

In a nutshell, the custom software development has immense benefits to your business. You can prune unnecessary business functions, reduce paperwork, and generate specific reports to monitor performance and growth of your company. You can very efficiently communicate with suppliers and customers. Investing in a custom software development company will keep your business updated and ahead in competition.

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