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Use of Custom Cable Assembly In Military And Aerospace

by Stanley Thomas (writer), Los Angeles, June 18, 2017

Custom cable assembly manufacturer now offers a wide range of assemblies based on the custom requirements of the companies for several applications.

The Cable assemblies are used in Aerospace and military industry and services towards USB, Ethernet, fiber channel, Serial ATA, digital video interface and other purposes. The cables used include space cables, the fiber optic cable and the aerospace-grade cables. These cables should work well in lieu of the temperature changes, and should also be able to perform when exposed to the liquids, apart from withstanding pressure changes. As both aerospace and military function in the harsh terrains and areas, the cables should be able to serve their purpose in all conditions that may not be considered as normal.

Weight Consideration

The use of the custom cable assembly also depends on its weight. For instance, the use of lightweight wire may influence the speed of an airplane positively. When the weight gets reduced, the plane also suffers from lesser drag. Hence depending on the conditions and requirements, it is important to choose the right kind of cable assembly.

Type of airplane and cable assembly

Passenger and military airplanes have different architecture. The use of LSZH or Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable is recommended in the manned and passenger planes, as these reduce damage in case of a fire. When they burn, the cables do not emit any ash or smoke and also do not form the intoxicant gases. Passengers can see clearly and can make a safe exit.


The best of military cable assemblies providers possess a range of certifications. These include the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001, UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and the RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) certification.


There are a number of companies today offering the cable assemblies for the aerospace and military industries . The usage conditions of the cable assemblies in Aerospace demand that the cables should possess feature including:

  • Ruggedization: strengthened in order to resist both abuse and wear.
  • Braided: braiding of the cables by the usage of latest technology, so that the cables can withstand the harshest of environments easily.
  • Weatherproofing: So that the assemblies are not affected by snow, rain, sun rays and any other kind of weather and environmental condition.
  • Customization: That provides for a better adaption of the cable assembly to the given conditions. The best of companies manufacture the cable assembly after noting down your requirements and providing you with a prototype first.
  • Flat Ribbon and IDC (insulation displacement contact) structure: That can be used towards a variety of communication and automation purposes.
  • Soldered terminations: so that the structure is resistant to corrosion, durable and flexible.
  • Flexible circuitry: Provides for the usage of cables in many different conditions, towards many different purposes. The standard connectors used are LC, FC, MT, SC, ST and MTP. This provides for the use of cables in security, flight control system, avionics, EMI sensitive equipment, command platforms and other areas.

An experienced and certified company can offer you best cable assemblies that you can use with peace of mind. See to it that the solutions are cost effective and customized as per your requirements.

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