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300 Million Volts and 100,000 People

by Editor (editor), , May 31, 2017

Many venue managers rely on advanced severe weather tracking provided by weather data API.

For fans, a Major League Baseball rain delay is an annoyance that leads to grumbles and long beer lines. For the stadium’s risk management team, it is part of a life-saving action plan to protect fans and players. Lightning and professional sports stadiums is a deadly combination, which is why many venue managers rely on advanced severe weather tracking provided by weather data API.

Some Interesting Stadium Statistics

By sport, the largest stadiums in the U.S. are

  • Major League Baseball: Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA – 56,000 capacity
  • College Football: Michigan Stadium – Ann Arbor, MI – 107,601 capacity
  • NFL Football: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – Los Angeles, CA – 93,607 capacity
  • American League Football: Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego, CA – 71,294
  • Major League Soccer: StubHub Center – Carson, CA – 27,000 capacity

These stadiums are not just used for athletics. They also host concerts, crusades, political rallies and swap meets among other events. Guest safety is paramount to stadium personnel and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a lot to say about lightning.

Some Interesting Lightning Statistics

According to the NOAA

  • Lightning can surge as high as 300 million volts.
  • It can also carry 200,000 amps.
  • It can increase the air’s temperature to 60,000-plus degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It can strike more than one person at a time.

This poses significant danger for people packed into a sports stadium during a lightning storm. Prediction is a key element in protecting patrons and weather data application program interface gives stadium personnel plenty of warning to evacuate fans and players.

How does it work?

Weather data API relays real-time local, national and global weather. It allows decision-makers to see commercial-grade forecasting and weather data so they can determine how safe it would be to continue an outdoor event. A request for data is run through a series of protocols designed to return the most accurate weather picture. For more information on how Sferic API can prevent electrocution in your outdoor facility, contact Earth Networks today at 800-544-4429.

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