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How to Repair a Leaky Roof

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 31, 2017

You should have to follow the proper method to repair the leaky roof. So, be careful and follow the right method for repairing the leaky roof.

The source of roof leaks is very difficult to find. You can find it if you thought that from where the water can enter the house. For this, you will have to think like water. Here you will come to know that the water can enter the house from the chimney, through broken shingles, any hole put on the roof or from poorly sealed roofs. So, here you come to know that these are the sources of a leaky roof.

You will have to find that from where the water leak. Therefore, follow the direction of the water. You will have to start following it when it is leaking. You will certainly find the source of your roof leakage. When you find the source of leakage of your roof, you certainly thought the method to repair the leaky roof. You should have to follow the proper method to repair the leaky roof. So, be careful and follow the right method for repairing the leaky roof.

Methods to repair leaky roof:

There are different methods according to the different roof material and according to its construction. So follow the right method according to your roof material to repair its leakage. Following are the methods for repairing different leaky roofs.

Patch small holes in flat roofs:

Sometimes the roof gets small holes in them. Due to these patches the water leaks from them and this leakage can cause damages to the roof. Therefore it is better to repair these holes before it damages the roof. All you need to repair the roof holes is a special primer and a patching system. First, you need to clean the area where you are going to apply the primer then apply the primer on the holes and overlap it towards the undamaged area. In this way, the hole will be covered. Now cut some adhesive patching and put it on the primed area to cover it properly. Now smooth the patched area with the roof roller in a good way. Keep rolling until the small holes are sealed properly. Now the small holes are sealed properly.You can test the area after a day or when you thought that the applied adhesive is dried properly. You will see that the leaky roof has been properly sealed now and the holes are covered properly with the applied adhesive.

Repairing leaky asphalt shingles:

If you find that your asphalt shingles are damaged and they are leaking then you need to repair them. First, find the damaged area. Then you need to remove the damaged asphalt shingle. Lift the damaged asphalt shingle from the roof by removing its nails. After lifting the damaged area you need to cut the asphalt shingles of the same length. After cutting the new shingles of the required length you need to put it on the roof. Use roofing nails coated with the adhesive put the shingles on the place and press them properly. So the asphalt shingles are repaired properly.

Repair the cracked roofs:

Sometimes your roof is cracked and they need to be repaired. You need primer, some adhesive and patching system for it. Apply the primer after cleaning the roof surface. Now cover it with adhesive and smooth it with a roller. Then add the patches on it and again use a roller to smooth it. Now you will see the cracks are removed and the roof is not leaking anymore.

So the above methods are very effective in removing the leaks from the roof and maintaining them for more use. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Northville Michigan for a professional advice.

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