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Why Dual-Use Goods Are Treated So Sensitively

by lenardjohnson (writer), , May 30, 2017

Why Dual-Use Goods Are Treated So Sensitively And How To Ship Them Compliantly

When items like software and IT equipment that can be used for both civilian and military purposes arrive at the border, they’re treated with the upmost sensitivity and caution. While they’re most commonly used for industry-based and commercial applications, many have the capacity to be seized with the intention of developing weapons. Today many countries look for transparency and responsibility when transferring conventional arms, these types of dual-use goods, and technologies, thus safeguarding against threat to their nation.

These materials can range from components and complete systems (such as aluminium alloys, bearings, or lasers). They could also be items used in the production or development of military goods, such as computers. With global technologies advancing however, computers and IT equipment are found arriving at countries’ customs more often. Over the last decade, many cloud-based service providers for example have gone international, and continue to require IT equipment shipped to support their infrastructure, so they may continue delivering signals locally.

What many companies that re-sell this technology don’t realize is how complex a process cross-border transactions can become, particularly without obtaining the proper permits, documentation, or licences. Often their technology is held up as a result of their ill-preparedness; procuring additional costs not only to their own company, but to their clients as well.

What’s more is that many countries will only allow a local tax-paying entity to be the Importer of Record, and only they will be granted permission to accept the goods. If you do not have a point of presence in the country you’re shipping your equipment to, you’ll have to appoint a third party. What’s convenient about using a global distribution service is that they are experts in foreign import policy and can help you prepare (or even prepare for you) the documentation required to secure clearance, applying for all the permits and certifications ensuring your technology goods reach their destination.

When you partner with a company like TecEx, they will act as your Importer of Record, successfully steering your shipment through customs. Their hands-on service will also keep you involved every step of the way. You’ll be granted access to a client services executive through an online portal, should you have any questions or concerns about your delivery. You’ll even be able to track it in real-time. To learn more about the portal and the myriad ways in which it alleviates pain points in the tech reselling supply chain, visit and start exploring. The company further provides you with an on-the-ground team who will work with your freight service guaranteeing timely arrival of your equipment — even in heavily restrictive countries like China and Russia.

When exporting dual-use and controlled use goods across international borders, using a global distribution partner will give you peace of mind. Rest assured that your sensitive equipment will be handled with care and will be accepted at the foreign country’s customs without unforeseen hassle or delays. Transparency is valued at the border, as is vigilance; by having someone experienced helping you complete all the necessary paperwork, and trusting their knowledge to help you clear the goods, authorities at the border will be more inclined to trust the goods themselves.

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