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How ZAPMAN Shaves 70% off his EMI Payments

by Neha SIngh (writer), Los Angeles, June 14, 2017

A car loan EMI can drag on for years, looming like a shadow on your monthly budget.

A car loan EMI can drag on for years, looming like a shadow on your monthly budget. It has a ripple effect on your other expenses, and this is one reason that stops potential car buyers to take that plunge. Nevertheless, a car gives you mobility and freedom and the pros outweigh the cons considerably. What if you got the chance to buy a car and shave off up to 70% of the EMI liabilities? It may sound too good to be true, but with Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative, this scenario is now a reality.

A Simple Easy Concept
A car is not driven all the time. In fact, studies indicate that an average car is driven only 10% of the time. What if your car can earn some income during those dormant hours? Being a ZAPster puts the power in your hands. You can list your new car on Zoomcar’s platform when you don’t need it, so that it can be used by Zoomcar’s large customer base and you get your share of the proceeds. With this method, your car can earn back a large chunk of your EMI costs. With up to 70% of the EMIs taken off your back, you will literally own a car while paying the EMI of a bike.

Buy with Zoomcar
Zoomcar is one of the fastest growing transport companies in India with an extensive network of car loan providers. With Zoomcar’s help, you can browse through multiple banks and NBFC plans and choose one that suits you. Zoomcar also has negotiated special relationships directly with car manufacturers, to enable discounts for the ZAP associates. With these initial savings, you can even buy a higher model car, something that you probably would not have considered without the ZAP assurances.

ZAPMAN Takes Off
There are a few pre-requisites before you list your car as a ZAP associate. Register your vehicle with a commercial license with Zoomcar. This also protects you from any responsibilities while the car is being used on the platform. Equip your car with Cadabra, the latest in-car monitoring technologies. Right from clutch usage, Cadabra analyses and monitors your car system, sending you alerts so you can stay ahead in the maintenance department, saving lots of money that way. With such assurances and control, all you need is to sit back as your car starts paying for itself. Keyless booking means you do not have to be present when you list the car, a process which can be completed through the app.
With such savings opportunities and assurances, as a ZAPster you are in a clear win-win situation, where you can gain the freedom and privacy that only a car can give, all this while sharing the financial burden in the most convenient of ways.

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