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How Can You Get Hot Job By Selecting Splunk Career?

by Michael Warne (writer), California, June 13, 2017

The exponential growth in the machine generated data has left businesses looking out for ways to extract sensible information from that heap. With the trend favoring the Social, Mobile, Analytics.

The exponential growth in the machine generated data has left businesses looking out for ways to extract sensible information from that heap. With the trend favoring the Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) revolution, there’s a huge gathering of data among businesses. If not processed, this data is like any other waste produced in industries. After processing, this can actually provide stuff that can help businesses in several ways. Data gathered this way is unstructured, a treasure trove of information, and has the potential to give businesses a rapid boost.

In general, businesses need to do a lot of market research about consumer behavior, expected market trends and other things in order to devise a robust strategy that can ensure their success. This unstructured data can help them by providing all such information that can lead them to tremendous growth. However, this data processing is not an easy thing, and needs some tools to facilitate churning out of information. This is where Splunk comes in.

What Splunk stands for?

Splank is a tool created by brainy people to help businesses get important insights. One can feed the machine data to Splunk for the complicated job of processing to get the relevant information. It is then used by businesses to identify the problem areas and to find the scope of growth. The tool became more prominent after the outburst of big data.

Overview about Splunk

It is a platform that businesses use to monitor and scrutinize big data generated by IT technology used by businesses. This huge pool of data is something that Splunk is hungry for. Major sources of this information include business operations, security systems, technology infrastructure and others. Splunk collects the data, regardless of its location, for indexing and processing to translate them into meaningful information that businesses can use to collate valuable operational intelligence.

Search Processing Language or in short SPL is what Splunk makes use of. Splunk works by identifying the correlation between events and activities from logs, web servers, custom applications, clickstreams, sensors, and others. There are approximately 1200 apps that enable Splunk to draw sensible information from data in different formats, thus offering visibility across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Thanks to these apps and the rapid proliferation of Splunk in both small and big organizations, career opportunities around Splunk have gone up like never before. In the past couple of years, big data jobs are the most demanding professions. With the need for data increasing further, it is a fair indication that things will get even better from here on.

Career opportunities with Splunk

As one can clearly say that the future is brighter for the big data, Splunk jobs are the most sought after ones in the industry. The likelihood of finding good job in big data increases with Splunk certification. Many institutions are now offering programs to support job aspirants.

Enrolling into Splunk training programs by institutions like is a plus for the aspirants.

Herein, let’s put some light on the massive opportunities that one can exploit after getting certified in Splunk:

Specific job roles where Splunk offers a lucrative career include:

  • Software Engineer
  • Programming Analyst
  • Solutions Architect
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Security Engineer

Some of the renowned job portals ensure that the Splunk promises a handsome paycheck in data based jobs. For instance, a solutions architect can expect a lucrative amount of up to $148,590 whereas a senior systems engineer can expect no less than $120,000. Even if it comes to starting salaries, these are far more attractive and better than other software development or IT jobs. And, the scenario remains same for the entire world. These numbers are really promising.

Industries where you can expect tremendous growth

As the data analysis is required across all the industries, one can find jobs in virtually any domain of the technology. However, there are some industry domains which prefer Splunk more than others. These sectors are – Information Technology, Finance and Insurance, Retail Trade, Manufacturing and Technical Services. Trying luck across any of these industries, people can land themselves in a good position. Approx 9000 renowned enterprises, universities, government agencies, and businesses in more than 100 countries make use of Splunk for data analysis and in-depth customer understanding as well as other things like to prevent fraud, combat cyber security risks, improve service performance while reducing the overall costs. The pace at which Splunk is being adopted across organizations, the career opportunities will simply grow at an exponential rate.

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