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How to Choose Right Wireless Router

by herbertp343 (writer), , May 25, 2017

Here are some of the things you need to consider before you buy a wireless router.

Nowadays, wireless router is becoming common asset in all households. Well, a wireless router distributes internet throughout the house and we can access internet from all devices. Days are gone when we used Ethernet and limited the internet to our laptops. With a wireless router, you can watch Netflix series from any device, play games, and stay in constant touch with your social media accounts. Wireless router allows you to use internet on smartphones, TV sets, laptops, computers, and Chromecast. Though Ethernet connections are secure and faster, it limits the number of devices and you can't roam around too. Plus, the wires issue won't be there too. Doesn't matter if you are upgrading your present wireless router or getting a new one, here are some of the things you need to consider before you buy a wireless router.

Connections Limit

One of the main reasons why people prefer router over ethernet connection is the connectivity to many devices. So, whenever you are choosing a router, people mainly check this. You must know the number of connections your router allows simultaneously at a time. N routers usually support 30 conenctions at a time while AC routers support a higher number like 100. Though 30 is sufficient, you will require more if you are using it in a place where many people meet. Like, if you often have parties in your home, it's better to take an AC router.


If you want a control over your router, select a router which has firmware and firewall along with additional features like parental controls. Third-party firmwares like DD-WRT offer you a lot of features. You can also control what your kids are watching through parental controls. Most of the routers also come with restricting access to particular time slots and guest access in order to avoid sharing primary password. If you ever want to change your wifi password, you should go to the configuration settings, for more details on how to change and configure 192.168.l.l. There are also a lot of features which allows you to use your router according to your convenience. Having a restricting access is really useful for parents to limit the usage to children.

Router Range

If you don't want connectivity problems within your surroundings, then you must have a router with high range antennas. Usual range is in 802.11a up to 802.11n. However, there are limitations to the range because of obstacles. Router's hardware, antenna's quality and material along with the signal strength also influence its range. You can also increase your router's range by replacing the antennas with high range ones, but it should be replaceable antennas.

Ethernet Ports

If you want to use a super-fast internet connection to your one or more PCs, your router must have Ethernet ports; the wired connections allows you to enjoy high-speed internet whenever you want.

Additional Features

Certain routers provide additional features making things easier for you. Like, you can connect it to network printers or use it as a common central location for accessing USB data. You can plug your USB to the router and access the data in it from any device connected to the network. It is handy if you want to share information globally. If you want the USB feature, look out for routers which have USB 3.0 port and enjoy the amazing speed.

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