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Burgundy Wedding Color Palettes You’ll Love

by Editor (editor), , May 24, 2017

We are here with the latest ideas of burgundy wedding color palette and how to utilize it in wedding. Have a look:

Wedding is a very special day in couple’s life. It is the day when two souls promise to love each other for the entire life. So it’s essential to have everything special from wedding cards to color arrangements of the marriage. Nowadays couples put every effort to make the event great. According to current trends, every one chose unique and selective things for their wedding arrangements. Whether it is about wedding venue, apparels, decoration, catering, color combinations, wedding cards, DIY ideas to make the event great.

If you are confused about choosing the right color combination which will look attractive, alluring, eye captivating and follows latest trends then you can go with the burgundy wedding color palette. It is the one color which isn’t going away any time soon. You can pick up any wedding magazine, social media page and you’ll find it everywhere.

Burgundy color is back in a big way in the fashion and wedding events. We are here with the latest ideas of burgundy wedding color palette and how to utilize it in wedding. Have a look:

Burgundy and Navy blue

Combine the burgundy color with navy blue and see how amazing it will look. You can combine this color in the wedding apparels, wedding decoration etc. decorate the welcome entry with curtains of navy and burgundy. It will look wonderful. You can even decorate the flower bouquet using satin ribbons of navy blue and flowers of burgundy color. You can even select this color combination for bridesmaids’ wedding apparels. Style up your hairs with floral tiara and create a unique fashion statement.

Burgundy and blush

Decorate the wedding venue with blush colored centerpieces. Decorate the crockery for the reception using blush & burgundy colors. It will provide alluring and regal look to the wedding arch, decorate it with greenery, peach blush & burgundy colored flowers. It will look mesmerizing. You can even combine the peach color to create extra brightness.

Burgundy and emerald

Decor the wedding cake using emerald & burgundy colors in the backdrop and add greenery as well as flowers to give it an enchanting look. This color combination will definitely enhance the look & sweetness of the wedding cake.

This color look well in rustic, outdoor, barnyard, vintage etc. and provide a great look in all type of weddings.

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