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How About an App for Education Related Complaints

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, June 09, 2017

Education is a system of learning. But it should be noted that the system is not free from errors. Every now and then there are complaints that come in from the students and their parents.

Thus, the schools or the institutions need an efficient system that can manage the systems in a better way. In order to make the processes easier and more effective some of the apps have been introduced. In these apps, the students and their parents can register their complaints. All these are available just with a few clicks of the mouse.

An app has been designed by the Forum for Fairness in Education (FFE), which is an NGO. They are working in the field of education from 1994. They have launched the Android application in the name of FFE India. They are of the view that this app will be helping out the students, parents, teachers and the management authorities of the schools.

Rumours about the App

Well, there have been rumours that the apps were launched earlier. This is actually true. When the President of FFE, Jayant Jain was asked he acknowledged the fact. He said that yes that app was launched earlier but due to some technical faults it was taken off the market. After working on it technically they have brought back the app, he informed.

What Is The Process Of Using The App?

The complaints will be registered first. Then the person has to write down their complaints. You have to keep in mind that the application is not only built for the purpose complaint. They will also give an insight into the rules and regulations, rights in the field of education.

FFE informs that after one makes the complaints or submits their grievances the institutions will send them to FFE. The educational institutes will anonymously submit in the details so that the concerned authority can take the necessary actions. The applicant can also attach videos, images, voice recording or pdf files in support of their complaints. As soon as they do that they are shared the contact details of the FFE members of Pune and Mumbai. This is done so that the person complaining can contact them if required. The FFE authority also informs that if no suitable actions are taken against the complaints then the authorities can move to the court to ensure justice to the applicants.

What Kinds Of Grievances Can Be Registered?

The complaint can be on anything that the school, college or an institution has violated. It might also be against something that the federal law or the state has violated. The complaints should be in keeping with the policies if the board. Some of the subjects that are governed by the authorities are the assignments of the students, their discipline, hiring and evaluation of the staffs, facility conditions, etc. even complaints regarding the misconduct of the educators can also be registered. If the students are discriminated in the schools, bullied, intimidated or harassed then also the complaints can be registered.

Benefits of the App

There are several benefits of using such apps in the education sector. It is expected that such apps headed by a proper authority would make way in every sector to help out people submit their grievances to the concerned authority.

Anonymous Complaint- The first and the foremost part is that the one who wants to register the complaint can do that effectively without anyone knowing out the name of the person. The app does not compel anyone to put in their names and is built keeping in mind the respect of one's will.

Faster Process- The process of launching the complaint is easy and without any hassles. Anyone facing a problem, a serious one can go ahead and make the complaint.

Quick Action- The validity of the complaints is checked by the concerned authorities and they are provided with the necessary actions. This helps to solve the cases faster.

Transparent System- Well the judgment on the actions is decided on the severity of the cases. No one is given a priority and impartial judgment is provided against the guilty.

If you are facing any kind of problems with the learning sector you are requested to download the app in your Smartphone and register the complaints.

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