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Endeavor To Create An Amazing Home And Garden

by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, January 16, 2008


For just pennies on the dollar you too can give your home professional attention by fashioning a Great Home and Garden. Here is where you should start...

In the best of homes and gardens there is no better habitat than one with a beautiful and impressionable landscape, with it you can certainly count on property values rising each time you make even the slightest improvement. Surely a wonderful well kept flower garden summed up by a dedicated landscaper can really make a grand impact on the appraisal of your home, and this improvement also allows you to contribute to the development of the neighborhood (your neighbors will certainly thank you for it). In my experience well maintained gardens generally yielded many types of colorful flowers, plants, even fruits and vegetables (I had quickly recognized that by using different colors in the yard such as bushes, plants or a colorful assortment of gardening vegetation gave the appearance of incredible beauty and personal care), and don't forget the grapevine it covered the car port, shaded the yard while providing home made wine, grape jelly and the appearance of a rich looking home setting. The garden made the house beautiful and we hadn't done a thing to the house yet, of course later on we did make various improvements to the house but that didn't change the fact that the landscape made all the difference between a average house to a spectacular home, it was truly a site to behold. Now many folks today can't afford to hire a gardener or a professional landscaper to prepare and maintain the landscape. So what are the alternatives? Between doing it yourself and hiring a professional is a question that only you can decide. You see a master gardener would have the expertise to know what to plant, when to plant and how to plant it, pruning the trees is also another aspect to their secrets, but for the most part your budget may not warrant employing someone, especially at today's prices, so that's where homeowner ingenuity should takes over.

There is nothing of vital interest that we as homeowners can not learn if it concerns the enhancement and the gradual increase in the value of our property, this is a great incentive (getting the job done as cheap as possible is the best of incentives). Homeowners who want to make these improvements should start to educate themselves by utilizing all means available to accomplish this, by watching cable television shows on gardening for tips, asking gardeners lots of questions, and reading lots of books on plants, flowers, you can even Goggle house and gardens on the Internet, take some pictures of  some nicely dressed landscape areas, it is very remarkable how available good information is. What we are opting to learn here is first and foremost proper planting procedures, maintenance and care, this is the priority of all great gardeners and landscape professionals. Another thing that we should concentrate on during our personal training process is to learn how to blue-print our landscape (how to plan and stage our prospective landscape) so that the best features of our property will be displayed in the most usable and constructive way. Of course everybody who owns a house wants to economize and certainly by learning how to do it yourself creates for you the growing opportunity to save money. I find that if you are on good terms with your neighbors you can save lots of money by swapping pieces of your neighbor's plants with your own plants to add or graft into your plant garden and to theirs; this is a great idea because both gardens are improved with zero expense.

All of these strategies should be applied to the renovation of your home as there are many educational tools available that will allow you to instruct yourself to the general know how on any home improvement project. I’ve studied how to repair everything in my home from electrical fixtures to building a gazebo and let me tell you it was an illuminating journey well worth the travel.

Yes I've certainly cultivated home improvements a lot (everything from fixing pipes to trimming hedges) over the years and as my family and I have built moment by moment on our home we find it to be a magnificent success more than we had anticipated. But the one thing in my experiences on home improvements that makes it all decisively conclusive and worth it is the sight of that beautiful and magnificent landscape and the delicious tasting fruits and vegetables in my garden, it really is a fantastic place which we enjoy calling home (the fact that all this was done by the hands of apprentices like me and my family has been our best reward). This was a dream that could have never been realized if we as homeowners did not economize, strategize, or improvise.

Just the other day some family members of the previous owners of the property saw the house in a real estate ad and decided to call on us to see their old home (which by the way we paid them less than you would pay for a car and today the house is worth at least a mil) and let me tell you they were astonished.  Flabbergasted as they were we agreed to tour the house and as we did they couldn’t believe this was the same house, we had taken an old house and turned it into a new palace. I just stood there while we all gazed at the property and I could here them recalling all those personal family memories of this 80 to 90 year old estate, it was a touching scene that I dare not interrupt. The tour ended in the garden, while their kids (who were actually the grand children of the original owner of the house) played on the home made swing while the adults admired the gazebo that my brother and I had built, as they began to leave, my family and I gave them products from the garden and wished them well. This was a day that my family and I will always be able to recall in a state of special appreciation, because they gave us such a grand award before they left, which we collected in the facial landscape of their approval.

 The beauty of your garden and landscape is really the beauty that you have  or will discover inside of yourself, so keep in mind that you can create a wonderful looking property with your own unique landscape with an inexpensive price tag in no time, if you only apply the dream.

Your majesty your garden awaits.


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By Credo on January 16, 2008 at 03:28 pm

There is a lot we could say about the sight of an exhilarating appearance in ones surroundings or a well kept home and garden.  What made me more enthusiastic about the development of my property was the inward pride I felt while I was working on the property.  As time went on I began to notice its development; its was like watching a worm that cosset into a beautiful butterfly or from a ordinary stone into a rare and precious pearl. Because of this growing pride that lurks somewhere in the back of my shameful vanity if forces me to continue the work for curiosity sake, and so I am still building on it in my spare time.

Much appreciation, thank you…


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By Rose Mountain on January 24, 2008 at 11:57 pm

Sounds beautiful Credo. I've planted flowers which I love but also large vegetable gardens which brought amazing fun and great food to eat.

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By Credo on February 13, 2008 at 08:17 pm

Gardens are only fun if you like that sort of thing, I enjoy eating too much to not farm in my garden. (smile)

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