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Women's Western Wear Essentials for Summer Fairs & Festivals

by CharlieDay (writer), , June 01, 2017

Summer fairs and festivals are a fantastic time for you to go out and wear whatever you want, because it will all fit in. However, no matter what you do, make sure to stand out from the crowd...

Summer fairs and festivals are a fantastic time for you to go out and wear whatever you want, because it will all fit in. Festivals and fairs have a laissez-faire attitude toward clothing, and that means you can wear western wear and still feel like people aren’t going to look at you oddly. Or maybe you are going to a country music festival and you just want to fit in – then you can really go all out to wear western wear.

But what should you do to make up a complete look? There are a few key parts you need to tackle:

Cowgirl Boots

Let’s start at the bottom – what you put on your feet really sets the tone of your look. Cowboy boots are the iconic footwear of anyone who wants to get that western look. A fantastic pair of authentic leather cowgirl or cowboy boots can last a lifetime, making them a fantastic investment if you see a lot of fairs and festivals in your future.

Try to aim for genuine leather that will wear with your feet, giving you that customized feel that makes them so popular. Of course, you want to make sure that any patterns in the leather are high quality, the stitching is tight, and the soles are properly crafted. Justin, Ariat, and Nocona brands are all premium choices that will last you a lifetime. For example, Ariat cowgirl boots may set you back a bit, but it beats having to buy lower quality boots over and over because they fall apart.You want to think about where you will wear these boots – just to festivals, out on the town, or to actually work. From there, you will be able to pick the boots that match your lifestyle.


If you want to go a little cuter and more feminine, dresses are a great option for fairs and festivals. They are light and easy to wear, meaning you can quickly dress them up or down without many problems. You can find dresses that are light and simple, like a great cotton dress, or one with a little more flair like a denim dress or one with leather details.


Many people think of the little white t-shirt when they think of western wear for the summer and flannels when they think about colder months. These are some great basics, or you can even choose a graphic t-shirt. There are plenty of peasant style shirts that you can wear too for a different western flair. Embroidery can be western as well, just be careful about the pattern you choose.


Pants or shorts are important in the fair and festival world. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and dancing and some sitting as well. You want something that won’t ride up too much more will it be a huge problem if you need to sit in the grass. You can cut down your own jeans into something personalized or get a great, simple pair that you can dress up or dress down. Remember that festivals and fairs are often held on the hottest days of summer, so you want to be cool – but at night it can get colder.

If you want to go the extra mile, embellish your jeans with some glitter, jewels, or patterns on the back pocket.


One of the best ways to really get that authentic western feel is to accessorize it. You can even skip over buying new clothing if you really need to and just accessorize what you already have. Here are a few things to consider:

Bandanas: This is a super simple accessory that you can do anything with – tie it at your neck, wrap it around your arm, fold it into a bow, or wear it on your head. In a pinch, you can use it to wipe the sweat away when you dance all night.

Belts: Go with a leather belt that has a simple pattern or maybe a few turquoise details. You want to go as simple as you can here.

Belt Buckles: This is where you can go crazy. Vintage belt buckles or bedazzled belt buckles will always be in style at festivals and fairs – and you can show off your personal style here.

Hats: Cowboy hats come in many different styles – from traditional to more modern. You can dress them up with even more glitter, braids, medallions, or even a tiara if you want. Or you can go simple and keep it like you bought it. Whatever you do, definitely consider it to shade your face from the sun on those long, hot days.

Jewelry: Of course, you can dress any outfit up with jewelry. Stick to silver, turquoise, or leather accessories as they are what you’d find at a country musical fair or festival.

No matter what you do, make sure to stand out from the crowd and really pay attention to the small details that make the outfit what it is.

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