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Process Require for International Move from India

In order to make International move, a cake walk activity; there are certain simple steps to be followed:

When you are planning for International relocation, you have to gear up for umpteen numbers of paper work, scientific packing methods that should be in sync with the country of destination, custom work etc.

  • Planning: Planning is vital aspect when it comes to the big international move. Relocating to new country involves many aspects and in order to avoid missing on important aspects and facing trouble in the end, one should make proper plan of the move well in advance.
  • What to bring and leave: Making list of things that are to be taken to new country and that to be left here is vital. There are certain countries that prohibit the entry of few things; such aspects must be taken note of. What to bring list must be prepared that will aid packing and eventually will aid in transpiring the packing spree easily. Things that are not to be taken to new country must be either sold off or given to friend or relative.
  • Pets and cars: In case you want to move your pets to foreign country, contact your airline and make sure it is safe and humane way to transport them. Also make enquiries about paperwork and vaccinations you need for them, here a trusted veterinarian will be of great help. In case you are planning to import your car, just check the import duties and other charges that will be levied on the vehicle. In most cases these charges are so high that it is advisable to dispose of the car in host country and buy new one in new country.
  • Electrical appliances: Dispose of all the bigger electrical appliances as it will be cumbersome to take them along. Smaller ones like computers buy power convertor or adaptor before moving.
  • Gathering quotation for moving: Experienced and professional moving company should be opted for international move so that they plan and execute your move easily. From list of movers you chose, select the one that best suits your budget. Compare the costs along with reputation and online reviews of the Company.
  • Packing up: Packing is the foremost step of any relocation. It is long process that takes a lot of time and energy. So get started early. Most international and moving Companies will be helping you in this step but they will charge you extra fee. This fee is worth the time you save and professional packers understand how to pack things in the manner they do not get damaged in transit. They will protect the fragile and delicate items with right packing methods and will aid in saving much of your time.
  • Taking care of valuable items: Keep your valuable items safely and properly packed. This will provide them extra protection. Also ensure that all these items are documented properly and are fully covered under insurance offered by the chosen moving company. Some movers do not provide insurance cover for the goods packed by consumers, so first check for the stance of the chosen Company.
  • Loading: Goods once packed are to be loaded into the shipping containers. Smaller households are loaded in household containers called “lift vans” and these containers will be loaded into ocean containers for transport by ship.
  • Transport to the port: Once all your items are loaded in appropriate containers. The movers you have hired will transport the container to the port that may not be nearest to your home but will be nearest to the port where containers are loaded in the ship that will be taking them to the country of destination.
  • Transport: After delivery to the port, your goods will be transported and this process may take two to three weeks depending on which country the goods are to be delivered.
  • Dealing with customs: This is vital and important stage in the International move and all the goods that are coming to new country must pass through the customs. After the goods gets customs clearance, your goods will be transported to your new address, in new country. For quick custom clearance and processing one should have right paper work on shipment and should avoid packing any goods that are not allowed in the destination country.
  • Delivery to new home: Finally the moving company on the other end will deliver your goods to new home or to storage house as set up in your country of origin.
  • Contact post office and request them to forward all your mails to new destination.

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