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An Ultimate Guide to the Main Procedures of a Mommy Makeover

by simonhopes (writer), , May 23, 2017

Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic procedure that allows women to acquire their former body shape after child birth. It is an amalgamation of four treatments that provide them a rejuvenated appearance.

Pop culture has determined the ideal look of a woman post pregnancy- it was an expectation that almost everyone believed to be unbelievable and unrealistic. With the everyday onslaught of the Instagram photos from varied celeb moms, most of the women are feeling pressurized to reduce weight and tighten up just within a few weeks of giving birth. Although a large number of medical professionals all across the globe argued that the alterations a body is subjected to due to pregnancy do not need to be fixed surgically, many women are going through cosmetic procedures, in order to get back the ideal body shape.

Mommy make over is a renowned treatment, which addresses the aforementioned issues quite effectually, and that too through a single surgical session. It is basically an amalgamation of four processes and let us now moves on to explore each of them in details.

  • Breasts get adversely affected after pregnancy. They grow in size because of milk secretion from mammary glands. This causes them to lose the necessary elasticity and they start drooping. In order to make them firm again, women can undertake breast lift surgery, also known as, mastopexy. In this process, excessive fat and skin are removed and the nipples are repositioned so that the breasts could acquire a visually aesthetic appearance.

  • The fat buildup is common during pregnancy. The different areas such as legs, arms and tummy start to swell up. The best way to eliminate these unnecessary depositions is through liposuction. Tiny slits are made on the affected areas for inserting a narrow tube, which would drain all the excess fats as well as lipids. This non-invasive treatment is extremely popular because it provides women with a smoother, firmer and a more sculpted appearance.

  • Having fat deposits in the belly areas is quite natural post pregnancy and this is generally accompanied by a saggy skin. Such a condition leads to unfortunate pendulous and protruding look, which in turn makes the women self-conscious and lowers their confidence levels. A tummy tuck is an exceptional way by which you can reverse this entire situation. Also known, abdominoplasty this surgery would most surely lift your tummy up to its normal position.

  • A large number of women lose weight abnormally post pregnancy resulting in a drooping skin. In order to normalize and achieve a perfect contoured image, it is better to seek professional assistance. In such cases, body contouring stands to be a great choice. This surgery enhances the tone as well as the shape of your underlying tissues, in order to make your body desirable.

    The above-mentioned four are the major surgeries involved; however, at times some other procedures may also be added.

    Are you a new mom? Have you been lately feeling a little embarrassed about the bodily changes? Are you dying to get back in shape? Well, do not worry as a mommy makeover is just there to help you. Contact a proficient surgeon and take pleasure in your new and rejuvenated image.

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