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Pressure Washing - The Secret to Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 10, 2017

Learn the simple steps on how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer, not only for aesthetic improvement but also for prolonging the material’s life.

Wear the proper attire when pressure washing your house.

You were on your way to work and suddenly you noticed something with your house that can’t be unseen. You take another good look thinking to yourself, “How did I let this happen?” The once spotless vinyl siding exterior of your house is now covered with dirt, mold, and mildew.

Since it’s exposed to the outdoors, even the low-maintenance vinyl siding must be cleaned at least once a year to avoid accumulation of dirt, grime, and stains. It is also vulnerable against discoloration and can be tainted by household maintenance products. But don’t worry! Cleaning vinyl siding is fairly easy. If the stained area is too large that you’ll likely wear out your arms from scrubbing, try the faster and easier way residential pressure washing.

If the mold or mildew is intense, scrubbing may not be enough.

What You’ll Need

  • Best electric pressure washer
  • Cleaning Solution formulated for pressure washers
  • Extension or telescoping wand (for 2-storey houses)
  • Eye protection for safety

Safety Precautions

Before we discuss the steps on how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer, you need to know the following safety precautions first:

  • Check if the siding is all in place and no pieces will become loose when you start pressure washing.
  • Make sure to fixed cracked and damaged sidings first so that no water will seep in.
  • Water the surrounding plants and cover them with plastic or tarp. This is to prevent the cleaning solution/soap from getting to your plants or at least dilute some that reach it.
  • Remove any obstacle such as furniture and planters surrounding the area.
  • Close all windows and doors to avoid spraying inside your home.
  • Cover all power lines, exposed outlets, and electrical fixtures that might get damaged. Use plastic or waterproof tape if there’s no outlet cover available.
  • Use eye protection and as much as possible, avoid ladders. The pushback of a pressure washer may accidentally cause you to lose balance and fall. Get an extension or telescoping wand to reach second storey levels.

Dirt and mold may damage the vinyl siding due to lack of maintenance.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding With a Pressure Washer: Follow These Steps!

  1. Set everything ready and make sure to prepare all the needed equipment.
  2. When the area is ready, start by attaching the garden hose to the pressure washer.
  3. Pour the soap solution into the reservoir. Check if the solution is safe for sidings, windows, and sidewalks. The chemicals used in a soap solution gets the cleaning work done. Avoid products that might cause damage to the surface of the vinyl siding such as cleaners with organic solvents and nail polish remover, furnish polish, or cleaners.

Pour the cleaning solution/detergent onto the pressure washer’s reservoir.

  1. Test the spray on a small area. Get used to the power and know the adequate distance needed. With the right detergent, a vinyl siding doesn’t require pressure more than 100 psi; a 45-65 psi is enough.
  2. Attach the soaping nozzle, the one that provides less pressure and a wider angle (60°). This allows effective distribution of soap to a wider area across the vinyl siding.
  3. Turn on the pressure washer. Remember, less pressure is required in cleaning the vinyl sliding because too much pressure might leave marks or even holes that are not easily fixed.
  4. Hold the wand downward at a 45° angle to minimize the amount of water that goes beneath the vinyl siding. Upward spraying might lead to an excessive amount of water getting trapped between the panels resulting to bulging and damages over time. Use an extension or telescoping wand for second level houses.

Position pressure washer wand at about 45-degrees from the vinyl siding.

  1. Pressure wash one section at a time beginning from the bottom going upward. Sweep from left to right side or vice-versa. Work with consistent speed and don’t let the detergent dry out for more than 10 minutes.
  2. Change the nozzle to a general-use tip having 15-20° angle providing more pressure stream than the soaping nozzle to effectively remove soap together with the dirt.
  3. Before the detergent dries out, rinse the siding, but this time work from the top going down to avoid streaks.
  4. Lastly, the final steps on how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer is to check the sensitive areas. For the inner and outer corners of the siding, use a dry towel to remove any residue and extra moisture that may damage it over time.

Caption: Work consistently starting from bottom to top, sweeping left to right when applying the soap.

Pressure washer can also be used in cleaning other home exteriors.


Unlike other siding materials, less pressure is needed in cleaning vinyl siding. Since it doesn’t require much pressure, the right soap solution is a huge factor in effectively removing vinyl siding dirt and stains. Vinyl siding is much easier to clean requiring only the right materials and the sufficient knowledge and expertise in pressure washing.

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