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To Be Patriotic Is To Question Why & Not Just To Do And Die


The middle is no place to be at a time of war, if one stone misses you the other stone will land in your place of refuge.

Even thought the military is still in the process of defending what they believe to be their country’s sovereignty from the clutches of terrorist, soldiers are beginning to ask themselves many painful yet inaudible questions that generally get a negative response from state side citizens who believe them to be unpatriotic for even asking these questions. Are we fighting the war to free the Iraqi people or are we fighting the war to steal their oil, are we fighting and killing to stave off terrorism or are we committing mass murder and ethnic cleaning? Do we have a legitimate stake in this war as Americans or is this claim a corporate one?

Soldiers generally don’t come home after a justified war with nagging questions that haunt them while creating all manner of discomfort and distrust in their own government. In this case our men and women in uniform have went off to war in Afghanistan and Iraq and many of them have returned to America with a different outlook on our government and its concealed policies. War for our soldiers may not be all that it’s politicized to be; it may not contain the realities that we were once told existed as the reasons for the war in the first place. Many American troops are coming home disfigured, distrustful and distraught, perhaps because of unreasonable leaders and politicians who can not or will not end the war in Iraq. Many of them feel that the war is not a ploy to save the Iraqi’s from themselves but a war to line political pockets with dirty money.

Although it is openly noted by the soldiers who have not been allowed to return home after serving their tour of duty because of a shortage of soldiers, they feel a sort of astonished futility in their comprehension about the war. As the President forges ahead in his plans to start a new war with Iran, soldiers continue to battle with the Iraqi people and the insurgency that is said to exist there, many innocent families are caught in the cross fire. Friendly fire or not many soldiers who come home report horrendous activities during battle at the hands of fellow soldiers. An overdriven hostility that appears to surface while in battle mode in the psychology of the American soldiers, the Iraqi people seem to be taking the impact of that psychosis. More and more innocent people are hurt and killed while the rebels also seem to join the American soldiers in killing the innocent.

When it comes to the loss of life we should practice what we preach as an example to the world of those kinds of qualities that is so politicized by the media about the good nature of Americans. Perhaps the Iraqis , the Afghanistan’s, and the Iranians who await war may not feel so culturally acceptable or understand the American duty to combat terrorism while the Americans are propping democracy up in their lands. Presumably we may believe in democracy, Christianity and so forth, but this doesn’t exalt the American right to presume that the world must accept those same beliefs, if they did accept these principals; it would be under the barrel of a gun. This union would become a tainted kind of government / religion as if they were made to marry someone under the threat of being shot. Duress makes for a bad relationship during married life and if we are to mingle with the Iraqi people under these pressurized conditions it would be certain that Iraqis will resist democracy at all cost to preserve the Islamic faith. Why is it that these soldiers who are on the line, who stand in the heat of the war are able to clearly see these issues but the American government appear to be unwilling or unable to characterize these conditions? Is there another agenda other than the war on terror, and how does this agenda affect Americans at home? While life is being extinguished over the battle fields of these countries a political war also appears to be silently fuming here at home. The collapsing organizational walls that once stood strong in our nation is being experienced by citizens who have witnessed our failing Bill of Rights, the declining Constitution and the many other systems of government that was originally delegated to maintain our liberties. By examining our government’s foreign policies we have noted that our struggling troops are being spread too thin across many countries where they have to maintain established military bases which have come into existence after every war that America has ever fought in.

This global military strategy has ascertained the future of military policy where by it will become essential that the government will have to re-institute the draft because of these failings. Of course I concede that there are many of American citizens who wish to wallow (fetal position) in their cognitive dissidence but when reality speaks who then can deny. Apparently there is a government agenda that is segregated from the decision making process and political arena of the citizens. Far more decisions and laws are being pasted by the President without the normal channels of functional government in which to challenge them. All these things that we take for granted are the political tools that we as Americans are said to be responsible for, besides voting once every four years we need to be proactive to ascertain perfect government. Otherwise we can’t sit at home and expect the government to operate on its own, this will never happen because there will always be someone in government who if left alone will try to supercede their authority. Troops who are crying and dying in the ditches, who are mortally wounded in corn fields, and blown to pieces in deserts may be dying for the wrong reasons. All I ask of our government and of us as American citizens is the right to know why.

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By Rose Mountain on January 22, 2008 at 02:41 am

Great article...

I think as one gets older it becomes so clear, War is not Peace, and Peace is not War.

A member of the British Parliament gave a speech as the UK was preparing to join the US in Iraq, he was outraged as were 30 other Members that tried to impeach Blair. He made a speech about morality and humanity. But his speech came from knowing enough of the truth, the British press had published all 9 of the British leaked Downing Street documents, so they knew that Blair was not fighting a moral or legal war. They knew that Blair manipulated the UK Parliament and public, that is why Blair promised to step down early. Needless to say, only one of those leaked documents made it into the US media, then it was gone with little discussion. Except the Bush Admin tried to coverup what the British Head of Intelligence meant when he said, about the US, "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

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By Credo on February 08, 2008 at 07:02 am

Ultimately Americans will be held morally responsible for their political responses or lack of participation in matters that concern foreign policies. While many governments around the world appear to be merging their political boarders or agenda’s and thereby causing many ill-fated schisms in citizenship regulations we continue to face a free wheeling government with no course of action to correct or check behind them.

 It may be time for a more proactive citizenry, to act casual during a moment of disruption and confusion may lend a productive hand to anarchy.

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