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How to cut Fiber Cement Siding?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 07, 2017

Here are the materials that you need to buy for cutting fiber cement siding.

Cutting cement siding is a tough task because the firm cement would take other parts of a roof if it would not be cut in a proper manner with the suitable tool. R3egular carbide blades are also used for cutting fiber cement but they are not very appropriate because they easily get overheated and wrap while cutting the cement.Tooth Polycrystalline diamond-tripped blade that comes in 4-6 inches is the best tool for cutting cement siding. Electric shears can also be used for cutting fiber cement in a straight curve. The benefit of using electric shears is that you would not see any kind of dust while working with it. Circular saw is also good but it produces and blows dust around your work area which results from health issues such as lungs problem and silicosis. Respirator prevents you from all the dust that comes by cutting siding.

Here are the materials that you need to buy for cutting fiber cement siding.

    1.Hammer and Air Compressor.

    2.Air Hose and Cordless drill.

    3.Tape measure and circular Saw.

    4.Caulk gun and drill bit set.

    5.Dust mask and jigsaw.

    6.Stapler Sawhorses.

    7.Speed square.

Fiber cement siding is used in 50 % of homes and it is used on a large level for renovating new homes. Fiber-cement siding also is much cheaper than another siding. You would see a 30-40 % of a difference in cost of fiber cement siding and wood or cedar siding. It is hard in texture so workers find it very difficult to tear it off. However, the used of good tools can bring the results. It is very durable because it is heated in while preparing it for usage. The siding is available in 12 different colors in the market so if the house owner can first cut and install the new one based on his/her choice. The paint tears off while cutting but the company can send you the matching paint which you can apply once the paint has gone from the specific part.

Cement siding keeps the house safe as it prevents from fire and other weather changes. The simple step of cutting fiber cement siding would be easier if you are trained in cutting it. However, if it is your first experience then it is better to do the task in someone else’s supervision. You can also hire a professional who has better knowledge and experience of cutting fiber cement siding. However, if you yourself want to work on your project then start with a smaller piece several times. Try on the large pieces of fiber cement siding when you know that now you can cut it perfectly. Wear the gloves for safety and mask is also compulsory of completing the project successfully.

Measure the piece of siding at a 90-degree angle and then mark it for cutting the siding.Use caulk for measuring because it would be easy later to know how much siding you need to cut and then start cutting the siding with the circular saw. There will be a big advantage of using a modern circular saw that comes with the electric fan or other that come with dust collection bag. It not only keeps you safe from the harmful dust but also saves your time that could be spent in cleaning the area where you are working.

Always keep gap while you are installing new fiber cement siding. Applying caulk in necessary before and after cutting of the siding because earlier, it would help in cutting the siding and later it would provide direction in installing the new one.If fiber cement sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Michigan siding contractors for an expert advice.

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