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All about Storm Doors

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 07, 2017

These doors provide a good protection to the entry doors of the house as they are designed for this specific purpose.

Strom doors are very useful as they play an important role in the protection of entry doors. They are installed on the space leave outside the entry doors. The storm doors protect the entry doors from different weathers that can damage the entry doors. The storm doors secure the entry doors and give it proper protection from different weathers like heavy winds and rain. Don’t leave the storm wind in open position. Fix it in the position that it can close automatically. If the storm door remains open the heavy wind or rain can easily damage the entry door of the house. So it is compulsory that the storm door remainsclosed during heavy wind and rain.

Storm doors have astrongpanel of glass on it. When the temperature is normal outside, the half pane of glass can be easily removed. This lets the fresh air enter the house. These doors are set to open towards outside. Storm doors can be easily clean anytime. They can be locked when going outside the house. These doors provide a good protection to the entry doors of the house as they are designed for this specific purpose.

Installing storm doors:

The storm doors are available in different styles. Some of the storm doors swing right and some swing left. You need to choose the storm door according to the opening of the entry door of your house. After selecting the required door you need to install the storm door on the space you leave in front of the entry doors. This will protect the entry door of your house from different weather conditions.

The design of storm doors:

The storm doors are mostly having a specific design. They have a solid bottom while the top is covered with glass pane. This glass pane can be removed in the normal weather. The glass pane for the storm door is strong that cannot be broken with the shocks of opening and closing of thedoor. Some manufacturers are also making the storm doors with aglass pane on the top as well as on the bottom of the doors on people's demand.

The non-glass storm doors are also manufactured by the manufacturers. These non-glass storm doors are having afull aluminum body. The aluminum storm doors have foam insulation in their inner core.You need to carefully select the design ofthe storm door according to the entry door of your house.

Storm door maintenance:

For the maintenance of storm doors, you need to check that the door is opening and closing smoothly. If they are not doing well it means there is something wrong with the hinges. You need to oil them so they can move smoothly. There are sometimes dust particles in the tracks that make the door to move harder and unsmooth. You can remove these particles by using brush or vacuum and oil it after cleaning. This will make the door move smoother.

Storm door repair:

When the storm doors have damaged the need to be repaired. If the door track is bent it can be easily straightened by using ahammer. The storm door has achangeable glass panel. If the glass panel is broken due to heavy storm you can easily install a new in the storm window and make it look new.

There are different benefits of storm window for the entry door. It secures the entry door from the damages due to different weather conditions.If your doors are damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional doors installation downriver Michigan companies for a professional advice.

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