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All about Roof Flashing

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 07, 2017

However, it is easily installed on the chimneys. PVC flashing is also an easy installing flashing while it is inert.

Roof flashing is often necessary for the roofs as it prevents the water leakage on the roof. You can get different types of flashing which are made from the different materials. These flashings are durable and easy to install. If you are going to build your house or wants to replace the older roofing with the newer ones then do not forget to install the flashing on your roof as it benefitted the roof by securing it from the rain water or other damage effects.

Types of flashing:

Flashing has so many types and you can install any one of them according to your requirement and cost access. Here we discuss some types of flashing that are aluminum flashing, copper flashing, galvanized steel flashing, lead and PVC flashing.

Aluminum flashing is considered to be the cost-friendly flashing and it is also more durable than other. But it can corrode when it is contacted with the fiber cement siding or concrete material. If you want an expensive flashing then you can get the Copper flashing which is being expensive and hard to form than aluminum flashing. However, it is superbly durable. You can also get the cheap flashing that is Galvanized steel flashing. This flashing is less costly and also less durable than the other flashing. Lead is also considered to be the better choice, especially, for the chimneys because it is quite soft and easy to bend. However, it is easily installed on the chimneys. PVC flashing is also an easy installing flashing while it is inert.

Usage of the flashing:

Flashings are widely used in many areas of the house roofs to prevent the water leakage. Many of the roof places need the flashing to secure the house structure.

    1)Roof chimneys:

    Flashing is often used on the roof chimneys to prevent the water damage or seepage. These flashing strips are made from the metal or PVC flashing to cover the joints of the roof and the chimney. The flashing is overlapped with the roof and the chimney.

    2)Dormer windows:

    Flashing is installed in every row of the dormers because the dormer windows are weak to the elements and flashing works as a sheet material that runs around the dormer to make it strength better and prevent the things to enter from dormer window.

    3)Roof vents:

    Vents are necessary for the roof as it gives the fresh air blow and it is easy to install. You can installed the flashing by sliding it under the shingles of the roof. If you are going to install the roof of your house then you will need to draw a clean hole in your roofing material before installing the flashing.


    If you want to install the skylights in your roof then you may also need to install the flashing. Some of the skylights contain flashing in it that is built in but these skylights also require some additional flashing. If you are replacing your roof then you may need to install the proper flashing in it.

From the above discussion, we knew about the types of the flashing and the areas of the roof where we can use this flashing to make our home safe and secure from the water leakage. This flashing is necessary for securing the roof and the house structure as the water may affect them badly.If your roof is damaged and you still can’t decide either you should repair your roof or get new one then in that case you really need to contact professional roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan for a professional advice.

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