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How to Make an Info graphic That Matters?

by Sarah Taylor (writer), , May 23, 2017

What makes any business page or content stand out on SEO is the creativity and use of design, in other words, we call it INFO GRAPHICS. Are you familiar with this term? If not then let me introduce.

When we take a look at electronic media, and the world behind it, there comes massive sources linked with each other that are required to make any business successful or even to make them globalize around the world. In the current era, there is not a single business that does not have its root in social media or search engine optimization.

What is infographic & how does it work?

In the world of technology, the use of digital arts and designing is called infographic. This word is a concoction of two different words - Info & Graphics. Info is the use of data (content) that is used to describe something in detail in order to guide or inform the readers about something they don’t know, or need to know in detail.

Graphics is the use of designing, colors, font, and charts / graph to make it visually appealing, it helps in making entire content more prominent and thus leaves a huge impact.

Ergo, Infographic together works to make something better and easy to memorize Let’s take an example of informative blog on “Weight losing tips” Instructions to avoid some food, and what to take will stick in your mind if you read it with help of infographic, but when you read the same instructions in long paragraphs, then it might become difficult to remember what was asked to do, and what to avoid. This is how infographic works.

Significance of Infographics in SEO & Social Media Marketing

Whether you run any small online business, medium e-commerce business, or big merchandise company, if you want to get your business recognized worldwide, then it’s necessary to get a strong grasp over SEO, and infographics is among one of the powerful tactics of SEO to increase the ranking of your website on search engines.

They are portable and easy to share on social media as compared to written content, as well as they have an ability to scan and go viral easily. That is the reason infographics took greater significance on both social media marketing and search engine optimization – as, in both platforms, it results in spreading your brand awareness.

Step by Step Guide to making a Perfect infographic!

Following are the step by step guidelines to help you make the best infographic that stands out in SEO

1. A perfect balance of Data & design

A good infographic is a perfect balance of both data and designing. Many beginners make a common mistake while inserting content into their infographic is either use very less content, or excessive designing, and vice versa that eventually leads to less credibility, and decreased clientele. It fails to stand on SEO. Infographic is all about starting with good content and then making it better understood with graphics.

What type of content works best for infographics?

The basic purpose of making an infographic is to convey information. It requires content that people can use, so it must be accurate. Whether you’re the one supplying the data or you will be presenting facts taken from another source, always get your facts straight. If you’re including statistics, make sure to use the latest figures. The best infographics are the ones that offer helpful tips and advice to people.

Use infographics as a quick source of help for your target audience. For example, if you’re in the catering business, you can come up with a menu on food infographic telling your charges for multiple events, and packages.

Content sources & authentic information

It’s necessary to check data and resources consistently in order to confirm their authenticity. Use only trustworthy sources and cross-reference them to verify facts. There are many reliable websites to get correct data from, so it doesn’t reflect well on you if you have inaccurate information in your infographic.

2. Keep it Simple, Concise, & Focused

What annoy readers while going through any infographic is too much clustering of images, and overloading them with information. Rather, it has to be visually appealing and not too busy, leave some white space so reader finds it easy to read.

What about a theme?

Keep your theme very focused and don’t hesitate in creating a series of infographics if your idea is too big to reasonably cover in one. Keep your written portions concise and to-the-point, so your audience will get the gist of the information immediately without having to dig.

3. Infographics are meant to illuminate, not only to entertain

Infographic is not only concerned with graphics, and colors to make it visually appealing, but it must contain a worth reading informative content to enlighten readers about something.

Following are the quick tips to make a perfect infographic concept

  • Tell an interesting story

All the data you choose should back up and structure your main story. An infographic cannot be just a collection of curious facts – each and every piece of information should add to the main narrative.

  • Make Readers believe what your content says

Whatever content you’re going to add in your infographic, it should make readers believe in the scenario. Make your message believable by using customer quotes, testimonials, expert support, and most importantly - a good data.

  • Have an Infographic story

Plan your infographic theme in a way that it makes a perfect infographic story. For an example, you’re making how - to chart on “how to use cinnamon sticks” To make this, you’ll need extra valuable content to make it demanding in readers. It adds value to the main story and doesn’t distract the audience.

  • Choose the right size

Another important factor is size. Keep the length of your infographic under 5000 pixels. If it’s too long you might lose the attention of your audience.

Another way to make your infographic flexible in SEO is to use compressed JPEG format to reduce the weight of the infographic. This will ensure that the page loads quickly without making the visitor wait too long.

  • Add unexpected twists to surprise your readers

If you get some unusual information while searching on your topic, use it as a surprise to increase alertness and focus. If you can make the reader question their previous beliefs, open their minds to new ideas, and then fill the gap with your information, you'll find that it's much easier to hold their attention.

4. Paint a visual story for your charts

As we know that use of charts and graphs are another basic part of infographics that makes it complete; so how you make charts and graphs visually appealing, it matters much. Try to decorate your charts with visual objects giving it some spark.

You may find this task extra time consuming as you will need to put together a few design elements to form a visual story, but ensure you make it worth time spending,

How to make your chart meaningful?

The last important factor to bring your infographic into the limelight is made the visual picture of the chart. This approach is also used in picture infographics where a graphic portrays data creatively.

5. Show it to the world!

What creativity you’ve done, its time to show it to the world via a search engine and social media platforms. The more social shares your infographics are able to make, the more Google like it.

It is a chain reaction where the more people read and share your infographics, the more it will attract Google in ranking your business or website to rank high on the search. Thus, it proves to be an active SEO tool to use for driving traffic to your site with a higher SEO ranking.

6. How to make Google love your infographics?

In order to leverage the benefits of infographics to your SEO campaign, you should make the effort to make one that will be very appealing to Google.

You can make your infographics more entertaining and worth sharing to make Google like it with these tips:

  • Work on infographic content – use accurate content
  • Work on infographic designs, color, use of font & illustration
  • Use Google data board

7. How to share an infographic with an audience?

It can also be said that use of infographics actually symbolizes the conversation between your brand awareness and audience. The more people will see your infographic, the more they will know about your business, and in return, your clientele will proceed on increasing day by day.

Here are the quick tips to guide you how and where to share infographic with your audience;

  • Share on Facebook and twitter
  • Respond to your comments
  • Engage with your audience
  • Use friendly tone of voice

To wrap up…

A powerful infographic is a great way to boost your organic web search ranking. In order to succeed with your infographic, it’s very important to choose the right idea, to begin with – one that matters to your audience – then make sure the actual content is informative, compelling and tight.

Author Bio: Hi my name is Jake and I am from the writer of Essay Globe and I love to assist people who are facing issues in writing. It is my thinking that the knowledge of a writer is never enough and he/she should never stop gathering it from any source available due to which I spend my spare time in gathering the knowledge to help others.

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