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by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 18, 2017

In case any cyber attack this information can be hacked. Still, why we need security apps for iOS?

Before going in to depth of this topic, lets clear about, do IOS really need a software, as they already fenced these devices with high security.

There is a rich concept in IOS ,called as sandboxing, which separates the apps from the rest of the device. It ensures that no malicious data make any harm to the system. iOS is designed and construct in such a way that it is allowed to accept and install only those apps which are approved by Apple.

From past scenario we can see IOS removed so many apps from store because its architecture framework is already strong enough, which hardly require any security software. But still there are many ways your data can hamper, as almost everyone from us has our banking details, ATM transaction details and other venerable details on our smart phones, therefore in case any cyber attack this information can be hacked. Still, why we need security apps for iOS?

    -Jailbroken iOS mobile could be used to hack and spy the network.

    -How you use your phone?

    -Enterprise users need security app, home users don’t required It much or it depends how much you use your phone.

To keep your device protected always, we list out best 5 apps for IOS with their features:

    1)Avira Mobile Security

    Scanner to check your contacts identities are safe.

    Operating system checker to check updated IOS

    Remote call option to find out lost device

    Impact the device performance

    This antivirus helps to locate your missing iphone by showing its location on map and make call from avira dashboard.User can track up to 5 devices. Visit our blog

    2)Avast Secure Me

    Make browsing secure on iphone and ipad with encryption technique.

    It ensures safe browsing even if you are connected to open wifi and notify the user if anything found suspicious.

    It saves your personal and financial information.

    3)Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

    Gives alert if any app you use are breached.

    Safe your personal and financial information.

    It provides user identity restoration and insurance also.

    Locate your ipad and iphone and yells alarm also.

    Provides back up to your contacts.

    Back up of pictures are saved at

    Safeguard your personal information on social media account. Send alert if it find’s user have been tagged with any offensive content.

    Compatible with iOS 9 and higher.

    4)McAfee Mobile Security, Vault, Backup and Locate

    Provides you a pin to safeguard your personal memory , encrypt it and stored locally.

    Take back up of your contacts and back up file is supported multiple platforms also.

    Provision to delete contacts remotely.

    User can check iphone battery on watch also.

    5)Norton Mobile Security – Lost Phone Finder

    User can locate his device on map using remote locate feature.

    Automatically saves the device location when battery is low.

    Restore the contacts and user can share it on other mobile devices.

    One site controls the security of your mobile device.

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