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The Coming Of Spring

by Umbrae (writer), Los Angeles, March 18, 2008


Spring is here!

We see wildflowers all about. We wish that our mundane lives allowed us to tippy toe across the blooming gardens to experience the innocence lost in our aging years. As we grow older, things like imagination lose the wonder that drove it. Perhaps some of us even begin to think of terrible things like Mortgages. But few of us realize that the first word in something like "Mortgage" is "Mort" otherwise known as "Morte", or "Death."

Death and Taxes -- the things that Spring brings to us. Such desperation drives the hope of love, and so we seek love here in this season. Love brings security and hope. The things that, later on in life, amount to what's left of the dreams we had as children.

There's nothing wrong with that. There's absolutely no dire essence to finding someone you can spend some time with. However, we live in an era where relationships are flighty. We sample people instead of embracing them. We taste the honey moon affections and then flee when the substance has run its course. Unfortunately, this may be contributing to a culture that lacks substance. The more we begin to accept the fleeting nature of attraction, the more it becomes persistent.

Anyway, there's no hope in fighting it. As the age of Pisces lets loose its grip on dusty adages, and the Pope weeps at his loss of influence on a growing populace, the more we're exposed to the open wilderness of love and affection. It's a terrifying reality knowing that one may stand alone under certain circumstances. My only hope is that we, as a species, can grow to understand the complexities of hope.

Please, don't get me wrong in thinking I use the word "hope" and "faith" as a synonym. No, some of us require to become adept at accepting the dynamic and confusing nature of human relationships in this time. To be independent while accepting the affection of others. This leads to an honest and open nature where communication can flow through openly. Because we all will learn and know that we're exposed and naked. We can all grow to learn that we cannot function without two, but that two can also have a symbiotic relationship to create one.

Stories have been written, beyond the Greeks and Romans understanding this progression. We lost it in the dark ages and the iron grip of a church wielding power it didn't comprehend, thus dutifully repressing it. But things come full circle with patience and hope. A renaissance of the self may take place in one form or another that sheds the skin of a need for the archetypes that hold us back; keeping us as a collective from the essential growth that binds us as a species.

But anyway, now comes Spring. We will make of it what we will and enjoy it in our own way. Whatever power or compulsion guides us into this new season, I wish it well. I wish you well. The days of the sun grow longer, providing us the longevity to move on in an unsure time when things are changing indefinitely and beautifully.

Happy Spring.



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