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How to select Ergonomic Office Chairs for Health problems

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 31, 2017

There are many ergonomic chairs available, it’s important that you need to choose the right type of ergonomic chair.

People who sit for an extended period of time at the same place may experience many health problems like back pain, obesity, body pain, diabetes etc, apart from that they will result in overstretching and cause strains in spinal disks and thus result in low back pain.

Sitting with an incorrect posture can also cause damages on the back muscles and spinal disc and therefore increases pain in shoulders, back, arms, legs etc.

You can get rid of this pain if you adapt to some perfect ergonomic chair for your office, home or anywhere you sit for a long period. These chairs are developed to enhance the comfort and ease of the people, provide comfortable support to your back and thus reduce your back pain by relaxing your muscle.

Ergonomic chairs can suit perfectly for any range of the people, based on the people workstation, the chair can completely reduce the back and neck pain, there are many ergonomic chairs available, it’s important that you need to choose the right type of ergonomic chair.

How to choose the right type of Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Do not forget to look for the below characteristics before selecting the right ergonomic office chair for your office or home.

Seat Height

Check whether the ergonomic office chair has easily adjusting the seat for leveling the height of the chair as per the user’s height, therefore suitable for every type of office workers who sit for a long time with their feet flat.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support provides the height and depth adjustability, this does not force the chair to strain your lower back and thus prevent you from the back or low pain.

Arm Rests

Ergonomic office chairs will have a soft armrest for placing your arms over them for the comfortable work experience; this will reduce the pain at your shoulders and arms.


Most of the ergonomic office chair comes with five legs, which provides the stability while you sit on the chair, check the balance and stability of the chairs.

Seat Width & Depth

You need to check the width and depth effectively, you need to choose the ergonomic office chair that has 15 to 20 inches width and 2 to 5 inches depth so that will be able to accommodate comfortably. There should be the option for adjustability too.

Seat material

Padding is the important characteristics you need to note in any of the ergonomic chairs, as seating material plays an important role while users sit for a long period of time. You can cover the seat material with any fabric clothes and therefore ventilation is possible.


Get the ergonomic office chair with 15 to 20 inches width and go for the curved ones, as they can be adjustable both forward, backward and vertical directions.

Swivel One

Swiveling feature is one of the mandatory features as the rotating feature help you to rotate anywhere around your office desk to make your work simpler.

Few tips to reduce your Back Pain due to sitting for an extended period of time

Here are few tips through which you can get rid of any type of problems.

  • Keep your head and neck above the shoulders to avoid leaning backward or forwards with more stress.
  • Select the right ergonomic chair that suits you perfectly and also has all the above ergonomic features. You can go with Sit/Stand desks if you think sitting for a long time is difficult.
  • Breathing exercises will help in protecting you from any type of pain caused due to the prolonged sitting; this engages your core muscles and provides comfort and support to your body.
  • Do place your keyboard, mouse, and system at the perfect height so that you need not move your body to twist or turn around while working.
  • Keep your feet flat and make sure that your shoulder is some feet apart from the head so that it reduce the tension in knees and ankles.
  • Proper angle of your knee needs to be 90 degrees in the straight line over your ankles to provide the support.
  • While you work, make sure that you don't sit with cross legs.
  • If your back pain is lasting for more than five to six weeks then make sure you consult a doctor and there are chances, that you need some acupuncture or few exercise classes.

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