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Institutes Use Social Media as Information Sharing Platform

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, May 16, 2017

6 Ways Institutes and Universities Use Social Media as An Information Sharing Platform

Instead of using social media as a sole marketing platform, many universities and institutes are using the superhuman power of social media to engage with their community directly.

By using social media as an information-sharing platform, many universities are actually reaching out to thousands of people who take special interest in reading the same off the internet.

In here I have discussed a few ways through which universities are cleverly using the social media to great effects. Take a peek.

1. Sharing and gathering information

Like I said before, this is the most common way universities and institutes use their social networking platforms.

Since universities are related to education, they utilize the platform to highlight their resources and subject experts to the public. This includes things like posting news releases on social media and also publicizing the university if it makes an appearance in any mainstream media source.

2. Showcasing faculty and student work to the public

Aside from using social media for sharing institute information, the platform is also used in showcasing faculty and student work to the general public.

This can be as simple as showcasing photographs taken by students for their school outdoor projects or they can be a bit more complex like a video designed by the school faculty that depicts the ongoing of a biology lab assignment in greater detail.

3. Using social media to broadcast live events

Many institutes are actually using social media to report the ongoing of a particular event to the public just like major football clubs do. Major football clubs all round the globe use the social media to report the live ongoing of a match to their fans.

So you see social media already sets you the platform to connect with the public. It’s just how you use it that becomes the issue.

Many universities live stream videos on social networking channels to make their audience aware of their ongoing events. Some resort to posting small clippings of certain incidents on social media. Both are equally effective to increase engagements on their respective profile pages.

4. Emergency notifications

Every institute faces emergencies at some point or the other. These situations are often well beyond their control and usually come without prior notice.

But how do they tackle the situation effectively by spreading the news to their community ingeneral within the shortest amount of time? The answer’s social media.

Social media seems to be the only option at this point of time that can spread a news like a wildfire. Institutes and educational centers are using this to great effects especially at times of emergencies and tragedies.

A simple Facebook post or a tweet on twitter is enough to spread the news about the emergency to the community. Some universities even have a emergency group on Facebook for sharing information exactly at times like these to the concerned persons.

It’s a great endeavor; there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

5. Promotion

This point almost goes without saying. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are tailor made for marketing and promotional purposes.

Universities and educational centers use this platform to promote their student achievements and other similar things to the community as a whole. By doing so, they are able to increase their online reach and are also able to showcase their academic success to the world in a general sense.

6. Apart from “promoting”, they also use social media for “producing”

Promotion is important; there’s no doubt about. But universities and institutes must remember first that they are related mainly to education. Hence, they shouldn’t just use their social presence in form of an advertisement billboard. Producing information is almost as important as promotion.

YouTube has become instrumental in this aspect especially from the point of view of e-learning. Plenty of institutions are uploading online lessons on public video sharing platforms (like YouTube) that immensely benefits students in their lessons especially during exams when the time’s short and the course is vast.

Students will be able to refer to the courses whenever they want from the very comfort of their drawing rooms. It can’t get more convenient than that; can it?

Social media has lately become a part of our necessity rather than a luxury. So if your institute still do not have presence on social media, it’s advisable to have one ASAP. It will not cost you a dime and you will definitely be benefitted in the long run.

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