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How to track Your Running Data Accurately?

by simonhopes (writer), , May 15, 2017

Running is one of the best exercise to lighten-up your mood.

Running is one of the best exercise to lighten-up your mood. Moreover, it helps in weight loss by burning those extra calories and strengthening the muscles.

You can measure all of these and can track your pace, heart rate and distance in your fingertips easily within a few seconds.

Tracking is the easiest way to keep yourself informed about the calories you burnt during running.

How Your Phone or Watch Knows Where You Went

Whether you are using an app like Endomondo or an exclusive GPS watch, usually the major source of data location is a constellation of satellites known as the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Along with the time, these satellites broadcast their position. Your device can work out if it is receiving signals from the satellite through trilateration.

How to Get the Most Accurate Readings

Sometime your GPS is unable to catch signals and stops working in some places like tall skyscraper type buildings, tree cover, heavily forested areas and tunnels as the signals bounce off.

Whereas GPS accuracy is not affected by storms and clouds. The accuracy should be fairly good if you run in an open area with your device.

It is recommended to buy high quality running watches by considering the following stats:

  • Foot strike rate or cadence
  • BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate)
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Vertical oscillation
  • HR & VO2 Max
  • Orthostatic test

Apps Made for Walking

Smartphones makes it easier for us to get up and walk more by tracking our steps.

We will discuss about some of the apps available in the market to calculate the running data more appropriately and accurately.

Apple’s iPhone 5S

It is the smartphone pedometer king as it has a M7 chip that track movement continuously without depriving its battery. There are many other apps that is associated with this chip.

Map My Walk App

It is a free app for ios and android that measures walks in more detail. This app presents a lot of data with many options and is very easy to use.

It is helpful in calculating your heart rate and location.

Runtastic Pedometer App

It is same as Map My Walk in terms of interface and functioning but do not include location tracking system. It tags each day data with a little icon to say how you felt and what the weather was like.

It is essential to track and keep record of your running capabilities with an appropriate device to enhance your running performance.

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