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The Government Is Really Broken

by D. E. Carson (writer), , January 14, 2008

But you already knew that and you need to know that the Democrats aren’t about to fix health care either.

An interesting news item came across my desk the other day. It seems that the FBI, that top-notch, envy-of-the-world law-enforcement agency of the United States, can’t seem to even pay its phone bills. The Inspector General of the United States audited the Justice Department and discovered that the Friggin’ Band of Idiots can’t even manage its own money – losing $25,000 to an agent who siphoned money for her personal use and not bothering to pay some 990 past due telephone bills which resulted in many wire taps being lost as well as other means of communicating evidence back to the FBI headquarters in Washington. Additionally of the 56 field offices of the FBI, five were responsible for more than half of those 990 unpaid bills and to make things worse, surveillance costs that are supposed to be paid by headquarters were picked up by field offices making for a larger accounting fiasco. The FBI says an antiquated accounting system is to blame for this mess because it allowed the agent to steal the $25,000. Yeah, right.

All right, Carson, where are you going with this?

That’s a simple answer. It doesn’t matter what the Democrats promise you in the presidential campaign this year, they are not – I repeat NOT – going to fix the health care crisis in America. They are only going to make it worse.

The Federal Government has proven time and time again that it cannot manage money. The government of the United States is the most inefficient government, in terms of fiscal responsibility the world has ever known. And yet, fools like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama think that it can be trusted with health care! Talk about stupid.

Remember my tirade against the post office a year ago? (Yeah, I’d like to forget it too.) There was an underlying anger of which I wasn’t completely aware until I went back and read it again myself a couple of months ago and viewing that article through the prism of the past year, I now understand what I was really trying to say, though I didn’t realize it at the time. Our government cannot be trusted to provide womb-to-tomb entitlement services. The hard, cold reality of that is because it was never intended to do so in the first place.

Let me repeat that for you far-left, super-stupid, whack-jobs who think the government is your savior. The U.S. Government cannot be trusted with womb-to-tomb entitlement programs because it was never intended to do so in the first place.

The government of the United States was never supposed to provide Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Disability, Food Stamps or any of those other entitlements on which so many Americans have come to depend. The Founding Fathers knew that such entitlements would be a crutch to those who choose not to be responsible citizens. Remember my statement “Poverty is a choice”? In the United States, poverty is a choice and it is because poverty is easy. Poverty doesn’t demand that you get off your lazy ass and get a job, go to school, learn a trade, or even use your brain. The argument that your parents lived in poverty so you have to too is about the lamest excuse in existence. Tell me again why I have to feel sorry for you because you were abused as a child and you believe that entitles you to live as a leech on society? To those of you who were abused and are reading this, I’m sorry for your past, but you need to get over it, stop wallowing in it, get off your ass and turn that into a positive. If you were sexually assaulted as a boy by a priest, quit trying to convince me that the experience “made you gay”. That’s a bunch of horse hockey. Being sexually assaulted by a same-sex adult doesn’t make you gay any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. You were assaulted. Get over it. Suing everyone and their mother isn’t going to give you back what you lost. Neither is leeching disability money from the government. Now, back to my regularly scheduled article.

People in New Orleans are still living in FEMA trailers or motels because they don’t have a house yet. Please show me where in the Constitution it says that everyone living in the United States has a right to a house. It is not the government’s job to rebuild your house after a hurricane blows it from New Orleans to Shreveport. The government’s job in the Katrina crisis, as defined by the Constitution is to ensure that law and order are maintained in the area until the local law enforcement can reassume the charge. If the people of New Orleans want to rebuild that city below sea level and in a hurricane-prone area, then that is the responsibility of the people of New Orleans – not the federal government. When New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin stood up and criticized the Bush Administration for being too slow to respond to the disaster, he was showing himself to be the biggest fool in New Orleans. If he wants to rebuild New Orleans, he needs to step out and find businesses willing to invest in New Orleans. He needs to tap into that which is great about America. He’s already on a roll with Brad Pitt giving his own money and time to help rebuild in the 9th Ward, even though Brad Pitt thinks he’s doing what the government won’t when in reality, he’s doing exactly what the Founding Fathers of America intended!

The problem with the American government isn’t that it doesn’t do enough to help people; it’s that it already does too much to enable people. The American government has become an enabling system. It enables lazy people to remain lazy. It doesn’t reward people for hard, honest work and creativity. In fact it punishes people for hard, honest work and creativity. What’s worse is that liberal wackos are out there trying to increase that punishment through wealth redistribution. So long as you remain an ignorant, lazy and worthless leech on society, liberals are happy with you. That means you keep your mouth shut, you do as you’re told and you don’t make waves. The liberals hate creative people who think outside the box. Liberals are in love with the Orwellian society of 1984 because no one thinks for themselves. They let the government think for them. Ultra-left liberals gather together in their little secret hideaways talking among themselves and masturbating to images of Adolf Hitler while dreaming up ways to subvert America into a communist/atheist nation.

So long as liberals are in charge, the government of the United States will remain broken. So long as liberals cater to illegal aliens and lazy Americans, the government will remain broken. So long as liberals continue to coerce so-called psychological professionals into dreaming up new syndromes that absolve humans of responsibility for their actions, the government will remain broken and so long as George Soros and the fools at his ultra-left website (I’m not going to say the name of that site – I refuse to give it any credibility) continue to lie to the American people, the government will remain broken.

Now, sit down, shut up, read your issue of The New York/Los Angeles (Orwellian) Times, and listen to Big Brother on your local CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or CNBC channel while I talk with Mr. O’Reilly.

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