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How to Personalize Your Funeral Service

by Tom Starke (writer), , May 10, 2017

?One of the most important skills that you should have for providing an effective and personalized funeral service to your customers is to have the gift of listening.

You have to listen to your customers in minute detail and only then you should take your next steps accordingly.

For providing personalized funeral services, it’s necessary for you to know a few personal information about the deceased in greater detail on basis of which you should plan your strategies effectively. These might include things like:

    ·What was his/her favorite song?

    ·What was his/her passion?

    ·Did s/he have any last wish?

There are many other questions similar to the ones highlighted above. You have to use a little bit of imagination to chalk them out. Once you get the answers to all such questions in effective detail, only then you should go ahead and devise an effective strategy to complete the task at hand.

Anyway, in here I have provided a handful of imaginative ways to personalize a funeral. Take a quick peek at these. They might come in handy for you.

1. Think of a unique memorial idea

I have already highlighted a few questions up above. You’ll notice a question that’s related particularly to the deceased person’s “passion.” Once you get the answer to that question, you can use it to great effect by creating a unique memorial based exactly on the things s/he loved to do when alive.

For example:

If the deceased was the favorite ice cream man of the community, you can arrange to give away free frozen treats to the children of the community in memory of him. Now that’s something unique; isn’t it?

2. Use photographs to great effect

Nostalgia can be the ace up your sleeve to give your customers one of the best experiences of a personalized funeral service. It can also make the occasion more memorable than anything else.

You can use old relevant photographs to tell your audience an entire story about the deceased individual’s life. Make a beautiful collage with his/her relevant photographs along with a bit of textual information thrown here and there which should be capable enough to explain his/her life in greater detail.

Try to create a dramatic effect in your designs to make the experience more gratifying. And always be open to the family inputs. If they suggest a change, incorporate it in your collage designs with relative gusto.

Follow these things systematically and you will be able to create a nostalgic effect in almost no time.

3. Flowers are an absolute must

Now this is the proven, tried and tested method that never fails. So this step must be included in your funeral service arsenal.

Most people find solace and peace at the smell and sight of flowers. It helps to calm down families of the deceased and alleviate the pains of losing a loved one. So I can say with conviction that using flowers as a part of your funeral service isn’t just a professional business strategy; in fact, it’s one of the most humane things ever. So consider including them as a part of your service at all possible costs.

A tip: You can create a personalized floral spray to give the occasion a more personal touch. Take a peek at these examples to get the point. In the linked image, you will notice a set of flowers arranged on the rim of a bicycle (that’s done to commemorate a bicycle enthusiast) and a few others as well. All these things can provide your service with that zing factor that you had craved for at the start.

4. Be a little creative with your funeral supplies

One of the most creative examples that I have particularly seen when personalized funeral equipments and supplies are concerned is the use of creative caskets for funeral purposes.

While many families prefer the traditional caskets over the stylized and personalized ones, some are more than willing to step out of the crowd to say goodbye in the grandest possible manner. Take a peek at these example and you’ll get the point in a jiffy.

Hence, it’s advisable to include these creative caskets as a part of your service along with the traditional ones as well depending upon the customer requirements.

So that’s it then. Hope this article comes in handy for your business endeavor. Ciao!

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