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Predictive Analytics Solutions: Improve Customer Experience

by Kriti (writer), , May 07, 2017

It is essential for any organization to maintain good customer experience & to ensure that, Predictive Analytics is one of the most powerful tools that can prove to be the game-changer in the scenario

Predictive Analytics has a very important role to play in the health care, medical, retail, e-commerce and manufacturing industries. Predictive Analytics with the help of decision analysis and optimization plays a very important role in recommendation engines and search advertising. These advertising techniques provide the executives and managers of an organization with decision-making tools which help in revenue forecasting, sales, upselling, optimization and manufacturing, and also new product development.

Predictive Analytics plays a major catalyst in improving customer experience. Enlisted are some ways by which Predictive Analytics can help in improving customer experience:

  • Helps the company in a better understanding of customer behavior.
  • Helps the company in getting repeated business from the customer, thereby aiding in profit.

It has been proved by the researchers that the companies who maintain better customer experience are more successful than those who don’t provide a delightful experience to their customers. The most important thing that every employee in an organization needs to understand is that the customer sees the organization as a whole. They do not understand the difference between the various departments or divisions. So, it is very important, that the company is able to provide a good experience across all the divisions of the company. There are many benefits of using predictive analytics solutions in improving the customer experience. However, if you are still are not very sure about the role of Predictive Analytics in building up good customer experience, then here is a list of the advantages:

  • Predictive Analytics solutions help in reducing the customer complaints which in turn have a direct effect on the profit of the organization. Predictive Analytics will help the organization in understanding whether, the existing resources are enough for a company, or it needs more resources to function properly. Having an in-depth understanding of these analytical tools can help the employees to utilize various data driven models to understand the customer behavior.
  • In order to get a good understanding of the customer behavior, it is also very important to collect relevant data from social media channels, internal sources, and government bodies. This will help the company to get a detailed idea about everything starting from the customer feedback to the transactional data of the customers. Social media has a very important role to play here. The best way to understand customer behavior is through social media. The most important benefit of building up a strong social media connection with the customer is that the loyal customers become advocates as soon as there is a personal touch. And, at a stage when the customers become the brand advocates, they not only stop thinking beyond your brand but also refer the name of the company to other customers. This further helps the organization in getting new customers and maximizes sales.

Therefore, it is quite clear that predictive analytics solutions have a very important role to play in developing a good customer experience, thereby increasing the profit of the organization. However, it is very important that you hire the services of one of the most reputed companies, which work with big players in the domain like IBM. This will help your organization to reach the desired goal.

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