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Instructions for Installing Cedar Shingle Siding

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , April 24, 2017

The labor-intensive process of installing cedar involves many careful steps which should be followed in an order.

The natural and high properties of Cedar shingle makes it the most appreciable option for shingle siding. The users of cedar cannot deny the exceeding level of versatility and barely credible workability of cedar. You would not find the as much durable material in the market. It cannot be easily molded and cracked. The flexibility of cedar because of its open-cell structure makes it a perfect pad of air for an insulating house. Fire retardant method is used for the treatment of cedar shingles which increases the safety of another kind of material in the installation process.

Buy all the required materials that are needed for installing cedar shingle siding. The labor-intensive process of installing cedar involves many careful steps which should be followed in an order.

First Step:

For the first step of installing shingle siding, you have to use a semi-permeable house wrap for wrapping the house. You can also use a waterproof of a membrane which cost 15 pounds and higher. Use a flex wrap for covering the window sills which would make it more waterproof. You have to expand the flex wrap for about 6 inches on both sides of the opening of your windows which would perfectly wrap the windows properly. Start installing drip edge flashing beside your house windows and an opening of doors. In this way, you would wrap all the sides in a proper way.

Second Step:

The next step is trimming the windows and doors of your house which first require installing the window jambs and door jambs. Use a window trim for this process. Neatly trim the shingles.

Third Step:

Now you have to work on defining the lower lines of shingles which overlap with the lower level of wall sheathing. The shingle can extend one to two inch beyond the concrete if your house has a concrete foundation.

Fourth Step:

For extending the sheathing, you have to nail the shingle to sheathing then process the process of installing all the shingles in the same row with connecting their ends. Now cover the entire house by extending shingles row around your house and keep the bottom edge of shingle horizontal.

Fifth Step:

Two nails sill be used for each shingle. Use 1 ¼ inch nails for attaching the shingles and the start driving the heads flush with the cedar without any kind of penetration. Cut the shingle for fitting it with the help of a knife at the time of reaching to the last row of installing shingle.

Sixth Step:

Start the next step of marking five to eight inches above the lower edge of shingles row for exposing shingles. Mark on the opposite side of the wall and expand the row inside of the marks and break the line. Measure the same height on other walls and keep on marking them and breaking the lines on other walls.

Seventh Step:

Start installing the shingles in a line by base edge flushes. Now you have to stagger the joints of shingles row by not repeating the lines.

Eighth Step:

The last step requires a lot of attention. Reach soffits by working on the wall which would lead to cutting shingles for fitting them. The main thing you have to see here is ensuring the exposure of shingles by trimming the rows of shingles one by one. Be careful in trimming the shingles and do not over trim them in hurry. The next step of installation cedar shingles is concealing the superior edges of the final line of shingles which need installation of wood trim. Install the wood trim and finish your project of Installing Cedar Shingle Siding. If you are still facing problems while installing cedar shingle siding then you really need to contact professional Siding contractors in Grosse ile Michigan for assistance.

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